Fullmetal Alchemist 26

January 8, 2012

Hiromu Arakawa – Viz – 2011 – 27 volumes

Oh, dwarf in the flask. You do get up to such mischief.

This is mostly a long, drawn-out, emotional fight. To say anything more about it would be a spoiler. But there are many parts that are well-planned. What the dwarf in the flask does with his master plan, the whole sequence where he is getting what he wants, was absolutely fantastic. I think I can say that. The scope of it, the visuals, the methods he used, all of it was great. I also liked the psychological warfare he used against Hohenheim at the end of the volume, too. I liked it as a rebuttal to a somewhat self-righteous observation, and I also liked that that dwarf in the flask wasn’t necessarily all about the painful physical attack at that point.

One thing that disappointed me a little bit was the cost reversal of this, and the fact that… uh, the sacrifices… I don’t know what was going on with the “sacrifice” part of that. I couldn’t figure that out.

The counter measures were spectacular too, especially the one involving Scar. The series had been sitting on that one for quite some time, and I was happy to see it come out at the very end. But, of course, the counter measures aren’t quite as impressive as what the dwarf in the flask does, because you know they’re coming.

There’s a little bit of a fight with Wrath at the beginning of this volume, and another with Pride at the end. The Wrath fighting had worn out its welcome at this point, and I was relieved to see that it was over. Actually, that’s true of all the homunculus fights, and I was a little disappointed when the action switched from the main villain to a fight between Pride and Al. I was won back over when Kimblee played a role. Excellent.

Basically, I’m still all kinds of happy with this fight, and I’m finding it hard to believe there’s three solid volumes of a finale in this series, all of them good. I have no doubt the last volume will be an awesome end to the series. Here’s hoping the epilogue is fun and not overly sentimental. Or, better yet, that the gag strips are still present and accounted for. I almost like those as much as the main story in every volume. They’re surprisingly funny.

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