Future Diary 8

January 11, 2012

Sakae Esuno – Tokyopop – 2010 – 11 volumes

Every volume of this series is more demented than the last in ways that I’m having a hard time wrapping my brain around. In this volume, we continue to find out just how crazy Yuno really is, and that her crazy is spreading to Yukiteru, who resolves to win the game in order to gain the power to bring his dead mother back to life.

Because I’ve only been reading this series sporadically, I didn’t realize that there was still one diary user that had yet to be revealed. As of this volume, all the members of the game are rounded up and get some face time, presumably as run-up to the final round, where Yukiteru gets serious. There are still… three diary users up against Yukuteru and Yuno. One is an element of chaos, one is an enormous caricature (which is hilarious, because… WHY), and the other is a very powerful man. The latter half of the volume is an extended fight where Yukiteru attempts to take as many of them out as possible.

There’s some more story about Yukiteru’s father, as well. Yukiteru knows all about what’s going on with his father now, but seems to care about his mother more. I can’t figure out why all this family drama is necessary, given the plot of the series is that Yukiteru is being forced to murder complete strangers and has a psycho devoted girlfriend to help him with the task. But it does serve as good motivation for the end here, and it makes me wonder if the point that came up between him and Yuno will really be a problem, since he could, in theory… uh, negate that.

There’s another nonsensical plot point with Yuno towards the end of the book, as well. I’m not entirely sure why that should matter, or why anyone would care. But it serves as the cliffhanger to the next volume. Ohhh… kay. The first chapter deals with what really happened between Yuno and her parents. It’s… about what you’d expect. Does it explain or excuse her behavior? Not really, but it tries, and it’s better than nothing.

I’m hoping I can finish this series up fast. I’ll have to order the last volume in Japanese. I was half-hoping for a license rescue from Yen Press… they reached out and got Alice in the Country of Hearts, which was similarly only one volume from completion, and Future Diary seems like it’d be right up their alley, a dark series that would definitely appeal to teens. But alas. I’m going to assume the worst since it’s been almost a whole year with no word.

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