Wild Adapter 2

January 11, 2012

Kazuya Minekura – Tokyopop – 2007 – 6+ volumes

I hesitated to continue this series, because I knew I would love it and I knew it was incomplete. After doing research, I found out that Minekura has been battling a couple very terrible illnesses, most recently having part of her jaw replaced. She still keeps a blog, and talks about her work and health rather candidly… her condition sounds awful, so I hope for the best for her.

Anyway, I just bought Gravitation ($6 for the whole set!), and I thought I should probably finish up my other pseudo-BL Tokyopop series before I started in on that. I still don’t think this is quite BL, it’s a little too action-oriented for that, and there’s not enough about Kubota and Tokito to convince me. But even so… it’s addictive stuff. What can I say?

In this volume, Kubota picks up another stray, this time a woman named Saori. Saori is pregnant and scared, and wants to go back to her boyfriend but can’t. After Kubota and Tokito convince her to tell her boyfriend about her condition, all three coincidentally converse later to find out that Saori’s boyfriend is the latest victim of the drug W.A. Her boyfriend was also in control of dealing W.A. for the Toujou Group, and the group wants answers about what happened. So the leader, Sekiya, comes after Saori, thinking that she knows more about the situation. Kubota and Tokito try to protect her, but only get drawn into the fray, drawing the attention of Sekiya.

The story doesn’t really let you get into the heads of Kubota and Tokito, and instead we have the side character’s impressions of them to guide us. That’s part of the allure though, and exactly what makes this pseud-BL. Both are intriguing characters at this point, though, for whatever reason, Tokito’s amnesia bothers me. For some reason, it strikes me as over-the-top in a way a drug that turns people into beasts and disembowels them does not. Even so, I enjoy his petty nature, and Kubota’s lack of interest, and both of them seem to have a protective streak a mile wide that extends to both each other and, in this volume, Saori.

It’s not too clear yet what’s going on, but even so, the fight scenes were amazing, the hints to the darker nature of just about everything were tantalizing, and I really just can’t get enough of all the stylish, dark stuff going on here. I can already tell I’m going to tear through the rest of these volumes like nobody’s business.

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