Body Language

January 17, 2012

Aki Morimoto – June – 2008 – 1 volume
this is a novel

Another day, another June novel. Eventually I’ll run out of these. This is another from, and again, they’re super-cheap over there if you don’t mind reading them on the computer. Which I do, but then again, I’m sadly addicted.

This one stars two friends in college, Kanae and Yuichi. Kanae is the stoic, silent beauty on campus, whereas Yuichi is infamous for his fast moves and the number of women he goes through at a time. One day, while Yuichi is lamenting a sexual dry spell, Kanae suggests the two of them have sex. So they skip afternoon classes and do so. After one night, Yuichi declares Kanae his new lover, and Kanae couldn’t be happier. However, his happiness has a time limit, since Kanae knows that Yuichi never goes more than two weeks with the same lover.

Basically, you’re just waiting for the above situation to blow up, but in the meantime, there are lots and lots and lots of sex scenes. One of them was more than a little shocking, when Yuichi fools around with Kanae on a crowded rush hour train, then suddenly pulls out before their stop and sends Kanae to class without letting him finish.

This is a lot like Caged Slave, save with college students (ie a book that’s all about sex sex sex with the main couple and nothing else). I wasn’t as interested in this one, though. The characters weren’t quite as fleshed-out as they were in Caged Slave, which is really saying something. But Yuichi makes for an aggressive and very one-dimensional seme (though he’s never cruel), and Kanae is also not that fantastic, though he gets more character development since the story is told from his point of view.

There were a few things the story glossed over, but one of the more puzzling for me was the fact that, for some reason, Kanae is known around campus as a fast mover with both men and women. Apparently people just assumed this about him because of his good looks. Since Kanae refuses to acknowledge gossip, the stories kept turning him into more and more of a sexual playboy. This comes up in a big way during the scene where Kanae and Yuichi first meet, since Kanae is about to get assaulted by a group of guys who’ve heard that Kanae loves sex with men. I mean… really? Because someone is good-looking it’s assume that they enjoy gay sex? Somehow, this was a deal-breaker for me in a way that Kanae and Yuichi doing it nine times in one night was not.

Anyway. This does just about what it says on the package. If you like these steamy romance novels from June, this is more of what you want. While I did enjoy it, and it was completely worth the $3.50 I paid for it, I thought the character development was less than stellar, which spoils the relationship for me. But otherwise, it’s mostly what I’ve come to expect from these novels.

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