Wild Adapter 3

January 17, 2012

Kazuya Minekura – Tokyopop – 2007 – 6+ volumes

Ugh. This is SO RIDICULOUSLY GOOD. I don’t know why I have a soft spot for these vaguely BL-flavored action series. But Wild Adapter is one of the best, and it’s hard to deny the appeal of the nihilistic Kubota and… well, Tokito, who just seems to be along for the ride, though in a mostly self-aware way.

In this volume, Tokito and Kubota attempt to infiltrate a religious cult that advertises a method that causes men to go back to their roots… or adapt back to the wild. It makes more sense in context, basically the cult is rejecting manmade societal restrictions and advertising a more primal mindset, but this is, of course, drug-induced to some extent. Tokito and Kubota think that the cult may be connected to W.A. While in their first round of infiltration, the two meet up with Ryoji Takazawa, a reporter trying to dig up dirt on the cult and its famously protected leader. Tokito and Kubota are reluctant to help him at first (basically, why would they?), but they trade information after they keep running into Takazawa. Takazawa is more deeply involved in the cult than it first appears, and the cult is also more deeply involved with the yakuza and drug scene than it seems as well.

I’m not going to be able to properly convey just how awesome this volume was, but rest assured, it had all the good stuff. Epic infiltration, spectacular captures, jumping out windows, burning buildings, family intrigue, stoners, guns, and lots of strangely nuanced conversation. Just what is a personal god? Regardless of how much Toki may or may not mean to Kubo, what makes him a god? Is it the fact that Toki finally made Kubo care about people? Hmm.

As for the “vaguely BL” part of the equation, that part is still as light as it ever was. It’s not quite as indirect as Banana Fish, where it’s entirely possible that there really isn’t any romance between Ash and Eiji, but the implications are infrequent and not very involved. Strangely, a lot goes unsaid between the two, and the heavier hints in this volume are mostly just more touching than normal. Their relationship isn’t part of the plot in this volume, though, or most of the past volumes, either. I’m not entirely sure if the romance will ever be more than implied, though.

Anyway, it’s difficult to say more without spoiling the plot. About the only other thing worth mentioning is the interesting information network Kubo has set up among the side characters, both in law enforcement and in the underworld, and I love how Kubo effectively uses both sides to get what he wants. It’s hard not to talk more about Kubo and Toki, too, but this volume is more about the cult than their personalities. As much as I love both of them, the fact that I still enjoyed this volume when it was so plot- and action-driven says something about just how good this series really is.

But next time? Oh, next time it’s all about Kubo. I LOVED volume four.

2 Responses to “Wild Adapter 3”

  1. But how do you really feel? I do hope the manga-ka gets well because she seems to have really had a rough decade or so with health issues. I would love to find out where she was planning to go with all of this.

  2. Connie Says:

    I know! Volume 6 is a good stopping place, aside from the fact that there’s still no hints about just what W.A. is. I wonder how much longer she was planning to run it. The reprints give me hope that she might be well enough to resume it soon, but her heart seems to lie with Saiyuki and its spinoffs.

    But yeah, her health issues are genuinely scary. I can’t believe all that awful stuff happened to her.

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