Ze 4

January 26, 2012

Yuki Shimizu – 801 Media – 2010 – 11 volumes

Yeah… this is not for me. I was hoping that the Genma/Himi story was finished as of last volume, but I forgot Waki was a doll maker and could just bring Himi back for more abuse at Genma’s hands. This storyline lasts through more than half the volume. Genma shows up to abuse Waki, then abuses Himi after he’s revived with no memories. Then abuses him some more. Somehow, Genma is the sad one in this scenario. It has a happy ending, but man. I hated reading through these parts.

Abuse and sex aside (a difficult thing, since there’s a lot of both in the story), Genma can’t come to terms with Himi’s death, so he approaches Waki and asks him to “fix” Himi, his kami-sama. Himi can’t be resurrected because his core was destroyed, but Waki promises to do it anyway if Genma just wants Himi back in any form. So of course Waki resurrects Himi without any of his memories. He also lacks his personality. Genma, who’s rude and abrupt at the best of times, can’t take this change and casts him out. Himi doesn’t understand what he’s done to upset his master. It takes all the members of the Mitou house to show Genma the error of his ways.

And yes. While it does have the outline of a touching story… uh. Genma rapes Himi a lot, and the story makes no concessions for this. It just happens.

But that story is a flashback with minor characters, and it ends. The story comes back to the present, where we’re reminded that Genma is meeting Raizou for the first time, and that all the kami-sama and kotodama-sama are converging on the Mitou mansion for kami-sama maintenance. During this event, we meet Seiji, Tsukito, and Hatsuhi.

Now, the Seiji/Tsukito/Hatsuhi story is neither a flashback nor drama-tastic, and is exactly what the series needed after that Genma business. Seiji and Tsukito are twins that make a living doing voice acting for BL drama CDs. This is revealed in the most hilarious way possible, with Seiji giving Raizou a CD of their work without telling him what it was, then Raizou listening to it all the way through with Seiji, Tsukito, and Hatsuhi filling the roles of stereotypical terrible BL characters in his mind. It’s beautiful. Seiji and Tsukito both have a light touch, and also know how best to rattle the cage of the most powerful kotodama in the house.

And later, they have a very long threesome with Hatsuhi. This was shocking only because it made me realize I’d never seen a threesome in a BL book before. How has it taken so long? Surely this is the perfect solution to a romantic triangle in a smutty book? I suppose the romantic triangle isn’t all that prevalent in BL, either.

So yes, while I did like the Seiji and Tsukito story, sitting through the rest of the Genma story was not my idea of fun. I do have the other two volumes of this series, so I’m just going to finish the English translation of it despite my feelings. I do wonder what volume five will bring, though. More Seiji and Tsukito, or a different set of side characters? Maybe more about Ouka’s family, mentioned briefly here? They seem to have a love of cosplay, and that might be a lot of fun.

On a different note, it blows my mind that this ran in Dear+ magazine. I thought that was mostly hand-hold-y vaguely BL/shoujo? So I guess lightweight series like Color and Kyudo Boys (which is totally not BL) run alongside smutfests like Ze in Dear+? Well… the more you know.

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