Future Diary 9

February 11, 2012

Sakae Esuno – Tokyopop – 2011 – 12 volumes

This volume is all about trying to figure out what kind of diary 12th has. It’s a huge mystery, though it’s obvious from fairly early on that his diary is somehow omnipotent. Aside from that, unusually, the focus shifts to Uryu. She has been a persistent minor character throughout the whole series, and I’m surprised she’s lasted as long as she has. I was even more surprised when this volume developed her character as much as it did.

12th collaborates with the matronly diary user and a supercomputer in an attempt to give every citizen in the city a future diary of some kind. Uryu tries to stop him, as does Nishijima, the cop. Nishijima has a rather shocking and very persistent confession to make to Uryu. Said confession is not really in the spirit of the series, and hilarious out-of-place during the lengthy action scene that takes up this entire volume. After trying to blow up the computer that would serve a future diary to all the citizens, Yuno and Yukiteru show up to try and help her stop 12th. Dropping Yuno into any action scene makes it way more horrifically gory than it needs to be, and things get quite ugly as both 12th and team Yuno/Yukiter/Uryu attempts to one-up each other.

At the end, all the diary owners are still standing, though some are not exactly whole. I won’t lie, I’m only writing this up so that I can move on to volume ten. The fact that the conclusion to this series will never be released in English is horrible, and again, I lament the death of Tokyopop. I’m going to read volume ten, and hope that some sort of groundwork will be laid for an ending that will last for two volumes. Then I’m going to have to buy the last two volumes in Japanese, because I will need to know how this ends. This series is so crazy, I doubt it has a happy ending. And, in fact, it probably doesn’t, since the main character’s wish is to bring his dead parents back to life, and that will never happen. All the same, I NEED TO KNOW.

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