Kimi ni Todoke 12

February 20, 2012

Karuho Shiina – Viz – 2012 – 16+ volumes

Aww. I was wondering where the story was going to go now that Kazehaya and Sawako are an item. I thought the focus might turn to the side characters, but this volume deals with how Sawako tells her parents about her new beau and how both she and Kazehaya deal with the overwhelming emotions they seem to have for one another.

The story spends a long time with Sawako’s internal monologues. She over-analyzes everything about her relationship with Kazehaya, and is confused about the fact that she wants to hold hands, hug, and kiss. Are these things okay? Is Kazehaya comfortable with her initiating something like this? How does she go about it? Do these feelings make her weird? How can she do these things like a regular girl? The musings are adorable, and what makes them even better is some of the frank discussion between Sawako and Kazehaya. Kazehaya is just as embarrassed and unsure as Sawako.

Seriously. If this series were any more adorable, I think my teeth would rot out of my head from the sweetness. I just can’t get enough.

The Sawako’s parents storyline is just as awkward and cute as the rest of the series. Sawako’s mom is totally cool about everything, and actually tries her best to make things as non-awkward as possible. Sawako’s dad is a lot like her, though, and it’s really funny watching he and Kazehaya interact.

The final story in the volume is about how Chizu and Yano became friends. I’m not going to spoil this one. As cute as the Kazehaya/Sawako stories were, this was my favorite chapter in the volume. I love that this series can make me like even the side characters this much.

I’m happy that the slow pace and awkward relationship is still so great this far in. Sawako’s honesty and earnestness is a big draw for me, and I’m glad that she’s developing enough to keep things interesting this far in. Kazehaya isn’t so bad himself, and again… all the side characters are interesting. I feel like there are a lot of stories that Kimi ni Todoke could tell, and all of them are probably worth reading. I’m also hoping that time will pass and the characters will age, too. At any rate, reading a volume of this series always leaves me smiling, and I’m glad that it’s remained one of my favorites for so long.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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