Natsume’s Book of Friends 6

February 20, 2012

Yuki Midorikawa – Viz – 2011 – 13+ volumes

This volume contains one long story arc, two short stories, and an unrelated short story in the back that was still cute. All of it was good stuff.

The longer story arc was about a child that Natsume finds in an abandoned house. The child seems to be a victim of bullying, but Natsume slowly begins to realize that the child may have bigger problems than simple human bullies. Natsume saves him from a yokai attack, but the final end to this story involves a rather ugly sealed yokai and an exorcist mission that Natori is on.

There are a lot of yokai and plenty of action in this story, but really, it’s once again about friendship. Natsume makes friends with the boy throughout the course of the story, and just can’t bring himself to leave the boy alone when it becomes obvious that the boy is involved in some rather sinister affairs. There’s also an issue at the end, where Natsume has to somehow deal with the fact that the boy believes Natsume betrayed him. That breaks Natsume’s heart more than any yokai attack. And I love that, for all the flashy fighting and action and whatnot that goes on in this series (all of it good, by the way), that simple things like whether or not a little boy likes him weigh the heaviest on the main character.

The short stories are simple ones, bonus stories rather than the one-shot chapters that appeared in earlier volumes. One is about a little fox yokai that begins following Natsume around, and the other is the beautiful lady yokai (the recurring character, the one that calls Nyanko-sensei by his real name) reminiscing about Reiko Natsume. Both are cute short stories, simple but effective.

The unrelated story is a shoujo romance story about a girl that falls in love with her teacher, how he rejects her, and how she attempts to make herself a better person so that he’ll fall in love with her. It’s an earnest love story, and while it shares some of the best qualities of Natsume’s Book of Friends (it’s touching, the character communication is a strength, and it’s sentimental and very of-the-moment), it’s a little strange to see a shoujo romance story in Natsume’s Book of Friends. I guess I hadn’t noticed, but romance is absolutely not a theme of this series. I like it even better now.

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