Mars 10

February 22, 2012

Fuyumi Soryo – Tokyopop – 2003 – 15 volumes

This is probably my favorite volume of the series. It’s just… nice. Not that much drama, and lots of happiness for both of the main characters. Of course, there’s drama obviously hanging over their heads, since it will be impossible for them to maintain their current lifestyle, but the way they go about things is… realistic. Both of them have jobs, they deal with issues as they come up, and they simply live life as it comes at them. It’s a nice volume.

Basically, because Kira can’t go home with her stepfather there, she begins living with Rei. And as I mentioned, this is about as realistic as possible. They tackle issues like what Kira has to wear (since she ran away without any clothes), Kira dealing with being a bored housewife, Kira getting a job and learning to cope with the real world, and, towards the end, they look at what it would take to maintain their current lifestyle, and decide to go through with it for the long haul. Finances, friends, and jobs are all issues here. None of it is dramatic, it is simply real. And it’s a nice, refreshing beak from the drama. Or other shoujo manga, for that matter.

One dark event does come up. When Kira gets a job, she has to deal with getting harassed by customers and getting blamed for freaking out about it. This felt a little out of place, and more like one more thing for Kira to worry about. But it ends well for her, and she grows a little bit because of it. So it’s not all bad.

The next volume promises a return to drama, and more on Rei’s family situation.

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