Bokurano: Ours 5

February 25, 2012

Mohiro Kitoh – Viz – 2011 – 11 volumes

So, Bokurano is still doing the same thing. We’re still fighting giant robots with a team of high school students that lose their lives individually after every fight. This volume finishes the fight with Kunihiko Moji. He has a lot of trouble defeating his opponent, but of course the main event is afterwards, when his dead body goes to a good cause. And then we learn about Maki Ano. Maki is adopted, but has never felt like her parents are anything less than the real thing. Now that they’re having a child that is really their own, Maki feels like she can die in peace when her turn comes up to fight. But during her fight, the ugly truth about who exactly they’re fighting against is revealed.

I still just… can’t get into this. I’m an absolute gullible sucker when it comes to series that set out to push emotional buttons, but not even I can work up much sympathy for these doomed fighters. That they die just strikes me as too outlandish, and I can see it hinted at in this volume that, of course, there’s one who absolutely refuses to fight when his turn comes up. Even the stories themselves… much like Kingyo Used Books, I just can’t get interested in the characters or their stories, even one like Maki’s in this volume.

Who they’re actually fighting and why the fights are occurring… well, that’s revealed in this volume. While it’s not exactly a shocking twist, I do admit that I enjoy the moral quandary. But if not even the biggest twist Bokurano has to offer can do more than raise my eyebrow… I know I shouldn’t be reading it. It breaks my heart to hate on Ikki titles, because I would dearly love to see more content from that magazine. House of Five Leaves is great, and Dorohedoro is a work of genius. But Bokurano just isn’t my flavor, unfortunately.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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