Close the Last Door 2

February 25, 2012

Yugi Yamada – DMP / June – 2010 – 2 volumes

So… Saitou’s a seme. I mean, it’s not that big a deal, but reading so much BL lately, it was somehow wrong when a character that fits all the traits of the textbook bottom climbed on top. It short-circuited my fangirl brain a little. That’s not even really part of the plot, nor does he even actually have sex. But it was shocking all the same.

Anyway. This book was just as good as I hoped it would be. It really is a war between Honda and Saitou, with Nagai caught in the middle. He can’t find it in his heart to tell Saitou about his relationship with Honda, since it would change Saitou’s perspective of him. But Honda thinks Saitou is beginning to put the moves on Nagai, and is less happy with Nagai’s obsession with Saitou than he normally is.

This sounds like drama, but Close the Last Door manages to avoid all that and continues to put a light, humorous spin on the love triangle in this series. A lot of the chapters are about Nagai getting drunk and he and Honda having stupid contests with one another. Who gets the other the best Christmas present, who gets more valentine’s chocolate from women… it’s all very funny, and I loved every page of this nonsense. They’re like two squabbling children, and Yamada nails their dynamic perfectly.

There’s the Saitou subplot, too. Nagai and Honda fight about a lot of things, but Saitou is paramount among these things. There’s a serious fight between them over Saitou mid-volume, where Honda tells Nagai to stop apologizing for his friendship with Saitou if he doesn’t really mean it. Then, Saitou manages to get Nagai by himself and… well, that’s when we find out he’s an aggressive seme, which is totally wrong, but that’s the only way that scene would work.

And I think the rest of the volume might be full of Nagai drinking, Nagai and Honda fighting over stupid stuff, and Saitou intentionally antagonizing them again and again.

It’s really, really great. I want to read everything by Yugi Yamada now. Well, everything except the related volume to this work, Open the Door to Your Heart. It’s… about Honda’s brothers. I just can’t do it. Not even if they’re not “technically” brothers. Not even after how much I liked this volume.

Besides. The older brother seemed like a sourpuss. That’s no fun.

4 Responses to “Close the Last Door 2”

  1. Kris Says:

    I LOVE Yugi Yamada. She’s an amazing and talented mangaka. This was a fun series and I was worried that June was never going to finish it. I personally loved the New Years chapter where Nagai spends the holiday with the Honda brothers. I’m sorry that you don’t want to read Open the Door to Your heart. You get to see a different side of Shuichi and if you read and sort of enjoyed Lies and Kisses then why not give it a try. Plus Honda and Nagai make an appearance.

  2. madao Says:

    I’m so glad you liked this! Yamada Yugi is probably my favourite BL mangaka (along with Yoshinaga Fumi!) and although she’s been published a lot in English I feel that she’s still underrated. I’m also going to put in a word for Open the Door; I’m the same as you, I find incest stories icky and usually don’t go near them but of course I made an exception for Yamada sensei and happily found that she defused all the icky and made the relationship believable and sympathetic. It’s a more angsty read than Close the Last Door but still generously sprinkled with her trademark humour and I think is a good spin-off to the series. When I reread the series I always read all three books.

    Whatever you decide make sure not to miss No One Loves Me, definitely one of her best titles. Er, I’m also going to express love for Picnic, but I swear I’m stopping now.

    Btw, I regularly read and enjoy your reviews, keep up the good work ^^

  3. Connie Says:

    Thanks a lot, guys! You’ve pretty much convinced me, I’m going to pick up Open The Door to Your Heart. I liked Close the Last Door enough that, if it’s as good as you say, I’m sure it won’t be too much of an issue. And it did break my heart not picking up the followup volume to such a good series.

    And thanks, Madao, I’m glad you enjoy my reviews. ^_^ I’m definitely picking up No One Loves Me, too. Close the Last Door sold me on Yugi Yamada’s books forever, I think.

  4. Kris Says:

    SCORE! And if you don’t like Open the Door to Your Heart feel free to blame me, I make a great scapegoat! No One Loves Me is definitely one of her best titles and I’m glad you’re going to check it out. I’m looking forward to both reviews, you always do such a good job.

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