Cold Trilogy 01: Cold Sleep

February 25, 2012

Narise Konohara – DMP / June – 2006 – 3 volumes
this is a novel

Narise Konohara is a recent obsession of mine. I like the way she can write a very dominant seme without treading into non-con territory. Plus, I’m completely obsessed with June novels. June translated a good number of hers, and has recently been publishing manga that she’s penned (About Love is a must-read, and I’m looking forward to Castle Mango in May). The Cold trilogy is a bit more difficult to obtain right now since secondhand prices are running high, but if there’s a will, there’s a way to find cheap BL books.

I have high hopes for the Cold trilogy though, since amnesia is involved. When has that ever not been the most drama-tastic plot point ever?

Anyway. Our couple this time around is Tohru and Fujishima. Tohru has lost his memory after a car accident, and the cold, distant Fujishima is the one that shows up at the hospital to claim him. Tohru isn’t quite sure what to make of this. Does he really know Fujishima? Does he really have no family, no possessions save for what was in his pockets at the time of his accident? Fujishima isn’t really a font of conversation or information. Living with Fujishima is difficult and rather dull, especially since Fujishima seems to forcing a career in photography on him. Tohru eventually tries filling his days with part-time and full-time jobs, but it’s not long before he attempts to find the truth of his past that Fujishima seems unwilling to share with him.

This book was interesting. While there was tension between Fujishima and Tohru, other than a scene at the end and some drunk kissing, this isn’t really a romance. Fujishima is almost too stoic for this. Tohru worries about the fact nothing really makes this man happy, and he eventually does find a happy medium for their lives. I assume this will begin again next time, because otherwise this wouldn’t be a june manga. But I quite enjoyed the focus, instead, on the fact that Tohru doesn’t have a life or past, and is a little freaked out by this.

Admittedly, Fujishima makes this harder than it has to be for Tohru. Tohru has literally no link to his past life, and despite a craving to know, Fujishima flat-out refuses to tell him anything. Except that he wanted to be a photographer, and would he please start studying photography now. Tohru has a troubled life, and the story does a good job detailing just how lost he feels. And, of course, he does stumble across hints of his past, and of course it’s dark and he was a completely different person.

It’s a bit of an awkward read, but I enjoyed it immensely. It definitely left me wanting more, and I’m happy I finally located a copy of the second volume!

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