Claymore 2

February 29, 2012

Norihiro Yagi – Viz – 2006 – 20+ volumes

I’m still thoroughly enjoying the early volumes of this series. I can see the story easing us into the more complicated stuff here, too. This volume is one ongoing storyline, with Clare hunting a yoma in a town that forbids anything unnatural, including the human/yoma hybrid Claymores. She has to be very discreet, and do her investigations undercover and under the influence of a drug that makes her look like a regular girl and dampens her Claymore powers.

Raki is a major part of this mission, since it would be suspicious for a young girl to be traveling alone, but a brother and sister together raises less eyebrows.

This story was a good fit in this series. While most of the yoma battles I’ve read have been mostly about brute force, with some strategy, this one is more of a puzzle. Clare can’t detect the demon’s presence, and she has to figure out how to spot it without being caught herself. It’s someone in the city’s main church, too, which is a hornet’s nest of problems to investigate. It’s either masquerading as one of the country’s religious leaders, one of the soldiers that’s guarding the cathedral, or… well, something else entirely.

There’s still emotional conflict involved with the story, as well. Clare might still be struggling with feelings for Raki, though she denies this herself and it’s hard to tell. Perhaps I’m reading too much into that. But then again, it seems like how human the Claymores are is a point of contention in this series, so it seems like it really should be an issue. Either way, it is sweet of her to see that the boy is looked after. Raki, too, is growing more attached to Clare the more time passes.

Really. I need to see what happens to Raki. I’ve only got volume three left currently, but this might be the thing that prompts me to buy more volumes of Claymore. Every volume that passes where he’s still alive, I just foresee a more gristly death for him down the road.

But these early volumes of Claymore really are a treat. I love fantasy comics like this, and it’s nice to get away from the shoujo approach every once in awhile. I do like the female protagonists in Claymore, too, though the gender isn’t such an issue in the volumes I’ve read. Still, it’s a nice touch.

2 Responses to “Claymore 2”

  1. ZeroSD Says:

    One of the nice things about Claymore is it’s a “Badass women with swords fight monsters!” story… yet the protagonists are treated as fairly asexual. It just isn’t on their radar.

    Rather different from the norm for that sort of thing.

  2. Connie Says:

    True. I wondered if it came up in other volumes, since the ones I’ve read are either deep into character-centric fights or an introduction to the series, and don’t deal with gender at all. It’s nice that it’s just not an issue in the series. Really a refreshing change.

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