Golgo 13: The Impossible Hit

March 13, 2012

Takao Saito – Leed Publishing – 1989 – 1 volume
This is the first of a 2-issue run published by Leed in 1990

Another from the Golgo 13 archives, this time around this is a single story. The hit happens within the first pages, and the story unfolds as two detectives try desperately to connect Duke Togo to a recent hit.

It’s a great story. It starts when a police officer finds a spent rifle casing on the sidewalk outside the hotel Duke Togo is staying at. Elsewhere, a bigwig is assassinated, and somehow, the detective working on the murder puts the random report of a rifle cartridge found hot and just fired to the case he’s working on. He uses the bullet trajectory at the crime scene to determine what floor the assassin fired from, and seals off Golgo 13’s building, using process of elimination to find Duke Togo in his room.

Duke Togo is about as helpful as you would expect in this situation. I was a little confused, because he drops the case in the first place, and then allows himself to be caught by the police. They even find his M-16 discarded nearby. It seems to go against his nature. A comment by the detective at the end of the story waves this away, but it still bugged me a little.

I loved the structure of this one. Rather than following Golgo 13 as he infiltrated an organization, or did all sorts of fancy footwork to get near his target and kill them, this one goes backwards and tries to pin the murder back on Duke Togo. Not that this is the only story I’ve read that breaks the formula. I love that this series has so many different narrative strategies, but I liked this one in particular.

So, how does that go for the detective? The answer is in the title. I loved it.

This volume/issue also has a strategy guide for Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode for NES. Alas, I only have the Mafat Conspiracy, and I was unable to use this guide for anything.

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