Toriko 7

April 3, 2012

Motsutoshi Shimabukuro – Viz – 2012 – 18+ volumes

I don’t know. I just have a weakness for over-the-top series like this. It’s just so intentionally manly. He tears at things with his bare hands. He has a dog that beats things up. I mean, this makes his quest for the perfect type of popcorn look like something only the most seasoned warriors can do. And to be fair, it is. But still, it’s popcorn.

Sadly, the quest for the perfect popcorn comes as a result of the fact that Terry, his wolf, can’t eat anything that appears on the continent where Toriko lives. Terry is a wild beast, and needs wild fare to subsist. So they go to the Wool Continent, which has the Gourmet food that Terry needs to live. But the catch is, on the Wool continent, even the plants beat you up. After lengthy dialogues about where Terry pees, there’s a strange and manly fight with a tree that Toriko makes Terry fight for himself. It makes men out of both of them.

Hilariously, Toriko carries around some sort of plant that has leaves that wilt in response to the power level of Toriko’s opponent. 1-3 leaves fall off when they run across most of the man eaters in this forest, but when Toriko gets angry, I think all the leaves fall off. Because he’s that strong, you see. Of course, that might be in response to the plant he and Terry fight too, but I’m pretty sure it wilted when Toriko powered up for a second.

Anyway, they find an enormous ear of corn, suitable for popping. Not even Toriko’s knife hand can properly saw this off. Of course, the only place that’s appropriate for popping enormous kernels of corn is a volcano.

So they do that. They roast an enormous kernel of corn, from the top of a forest of man-eating plants, one that Toriko sawed off with his hand, over a volcano.

That’s why this series is awesome. I haven’t even read that many volumes of it, but I’m sorry for that oversight now.

There’s some fighting with a new opponent or something too, which is what Shounen Jump series do. But I’m in it for the manly hijinx. And Toriko has that aplenty. I’m not sure, exactly, how long the ridiculousness will be fresh for me, but at the moment, I couldn’t be happier with it. These volumes make me laugh, and it’s clear that the artist is in on the joke. I love it. It’s sad that I cannot enjoy food manga unless it’s something like this or Iron Wok Jan, but it’s true. There needs to be blood shed from the cook in order for it to be manly enough for my taste.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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