Ai Ore! 4

April 16, 2012

Mayu Shinjo – Viz – 2012 – 10 volumes
I… think the first three volumes were omnibus-type books, which makes this Japanese volume 6

Man. Every time I read a volume of this, I’m reminded of what a trashy, bad-for-you series it is. And yet, here I am, reading every volume as soon as it comes out. I love shoujo manga unconditionally.

This volume tried my patience more than usual. So, the school that Mizuki goes to, St. Nobara, is a pretty high class place. It is right next to Akira’s school, Dankaisan, which is known to be full of the worst kind of thugs. One of the consequences to Akira unmasking himself as a boy was that now, all the girls that looked up to Mizuki as their idol at St. Nobara are horrified that she would date someone from Dankaisan. The nerve. And she won’t break up with him! The student council is so upset, they discipline her. At St. Nobara, this means they lock her in a cage with only a shirt on for some reason, and I think she stays there for days.

In order to spring Mizuki from this cage, Akira vows to raise the reputation and academic standing of Dankaisan so that the girls of St. Nobara won’t have any reason to stop Mizuki and Akira from dating. Akira and friends decide the best way to go about this is to build a dorm, so that the troublemakers of Dankaisan won’t be allowed out to cause trouble. Lots of other stuff is involved as well, some of it not quite on the level, but making the school suddenly a boarding school one day was the thing that stuck with me the most.

What’s great about both sides of this hilariously overblown dispute is that MIZUKI COULD JUST LIE. She could lie and say she broke up with Akira, and then every single Joe on the street at St. Nobara could go on with their lives. But then it wouldn’t be a shoujo manga. Why should Mizuki have to lie about what’s in her heart? And lying’s wrong, anyway! Better that she should be caged in just her shirt for days.

And that’s why I have to pick up every single volume of Ai Ore.

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