Claymore 3

April 19, 2012

Norihiro Yagi – Viz – 2006 – 21+ volumes

I’m so glad I picked up these early volumes! I happened to get them through happenstance at the store where I work, but I just placed an order for more. I have so much manga to read right now, but I need to read Claymore. It is absolutely worth it. Plus, Right Stuf is having a Viz studio sale right now, so I got them very cheap. I couldn’t say no.

This volume finishes up Clare’s fight in the church, and it is epic stuff. She starts the fight wounded after the monster gets the jump on her, and he’s more than a match for Clare. She has to use too much of her yoma side in the battle against him, so once that’s over, there’s the very real possibility that she will also turn into a monster. However, she is unable to kill herself, and she can’t let others kill her when Raki begs for her to live. The inner struggle, and what it means to the normally stoic Clare, is wonderful stuff. This is primarily why I like this series so much. Not only are the battles great, but the writing also does a good job of balancing the Claymore characters, job-wise and personality-wise. And the Claymores do make for an interesting study. Half monster, they are to have been basically brainwashed out of all human emotion and live outside society, as benevolent monsters. Yet, there’s Clare and Raki.

We see another such pair in the second half of this volume, when a young girl named Clare and a Claymore named Teresa. Teresa is even more intimidating than the emotionless Claymore Clare, as she goes about her work with a smile on her face and isn’t at all concerned whether the townspeople love her or hate her. In a village she helps, Teresa slays a yoma who was beating up a young mute child. When the child tries to follow Teresa out of town, Teresa beats the child up several times to prevent her from following, in full view of the townsfolk. But the child follows anyway, and nothing that Teresa does can deter her, so Teresa begins keeping her as a “pet.” Their travels are interrupted a couple times by human bandits, who Teresa is forbidden from injuring.

Teresa also presents a fact about the Claymores I was unaware of. Apparently their bodies are horribly mangled? It’s alluded to here, but it’s clear that this information will come up later. My money is on a story about a Claymore that still has an attachment to a human from her old life.

I do like that the Claymore, though emotionless, are still so individualistic. In the later volumes I’ve read, it’s clear they care about one another, so it’s extremely fascinating to see the face they show to all the non-Claymores in these early volumes. Clare was stoic, and kept all unnecessary opinions to herself and only stated what was necessary. Teresa seems to take pleasure in slaying yoma, and… while her actions can be seen as simply acting on all her warnings, everything she does gives people a bad impression of her, whereas that was not the case with Clare.

I’m interested to see more about Clare, and I’m dying to read more of these little stories about the early public faces of the Claymores, before it gets into the more serious story I’ve already read. And, of course, I love these saving-the-townspeople yoma battles. I prefer them, a bit, to the epic yoma slaying going on in volume 19. Thankfully, I’ve got the next few volumes headed my way.

2 Responses to “Claymore 3”

  1. ZeroSD Says:

    Yea, the church battle is the first really good fight in the series, IMO. And Teresa’s really cool in her own way- you’ll follow her for a bit.

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