Ze 5

April 19, 2012

Yuki Shimizu – 801 Media – 2010 – 12 volumes

Wow. So I was a little shocked when the last volume, which was hard to read because the featured couple had such an abusive relationship, could be followed by something like this. This volume focuses on Moriya and Ryuusei. This is the first half of their story, and… the two are considerate of one another. They take their time to get to know each other. Their relationship almost isn’t romantic. It’s… really good. It’s what I’ve wanted from this series all along.

Moriya is the kami-sama this volume, and after an initial set-up, the rest of the volume is a flashback to how the two met. Moriya’s old master dies, and when he does not want to cease to be, with no master to serve, Waki suggests there’s one other person in the family he could serve, but he is an illegitimate son that does not want to use his powers. Somewhat snobbish and proper Moriya shows up at Ryuusei’s house anyway, and declares he will be living with him from now on. This gets on Ryuusei’s nerves, especially since Moriya insists on wearing a suit and is completely useless, whereas Ryuusei is somewhat sloppy and works a variety of odd jobs to earn a living. There is no sexual relationship between the two, and Ryuusei doesn’t really want to use Moriya as a kami-sama, they simply… live together for awhile, and Moriya follows Ryuusei everywhere.

The two do experiment with kami-sama healing powers, though eventually Ryuusei insists that they no longer do even that. Ryuusei absolutely refuses to use kotodama, both in the flashback and in the present, for tragic reasons that are explained later in the volume. The trouble is, if Ryuusei won’t use Moriya for healing, and he doesn’t want to use kotodama, then Moriya has failed at convincing Ryuusei to let him be a kami-sama, so Waki will convert him back to a paper doll.

It’s… strange as a BL book, too. Ryuusei and Moriya exchange the occasional kiss, and while these kisses are, for lack of a better term, super-hot (seriously, probably some of the best kissing I’ve ever seen in a BL book), I was still in doubt as to whether the two were actually a couple. In the flashback, Ryuusei sleeps with a number of women while Moriya lives with him, which sometimes irks Moriya and sometimes doesn’t. At one point, a friend of Ryuusei mentions that he is bi, and suspects that Moriya is his new lover, but other than a few kisses for healing, nothing really transpires between the two. It’s possible that Ryuusei puts a stop to the healing to try and push Moriya away, but I’m not sure.

This book was only the second half of their story, so these nuances might become more clear once… well, their relationship is inevitably consummated in the next volume.

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  2. Keyaan Says:

    That’s a creaivte answer to a difficult question

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