Golgo 13: Into the Wolves’ Lair

May 3, 2012

Takao Saito – Leed Publishing – 1986 – 163+ volumes
this is actually volume 1 in a 4-volume series published by Leed in the mid-80s

Ridiculous. This was absolute lunacy. But I loved every page.

Most of the volume is taken up by the title story, as opposed to the usual split. Golgo 13 is hired by Mossad to penetrate a Nazi compound with absolutely airtight security. Again and again, it is reiterated that it is impossible to get into this place. Monitors, armed guards, locked doors, the whole works.

How does Golgo 13 do it? It may or may not involve building a complete replica on a movie lot and doing timed runs through it.

He’s actually hired to recover a hostage. When the hostage, towards the end of the story, hears a commotion, he and the Nazi officers assume that there’s a team of men infiltrating the compound. Actually, it’s just Duke Togo, and he singlehandedly wipes out the entire Nazi army.

But the better question may be… what is this compound guarding? I was really hoping for one crazy extreme, and the story heavily hints at it, but the mastermind is still kind of interesting.

The second, very short story takes place in Afghanistan, and may or may not involve cornering Golgo 13 and finding out what he does. Most of the pleasure in this story is, again, knowing who Golgo 13 is and catching all the hints that the army drops while they try to track him down. It’s stories like this that are just so Golgo 13. He’s a great character, and it’s stories like this, ones that lean on his very unique and specific characteristics, that make this series such a pleasure to read. Well, that and the fact his unique and specific characteristics lend themselves well to completely insane storylines, like the Fall of the Fourth Reich story in this volume.

I’m almost through all my old Golgo 13 stories! Just one more of this volume, and the 3-issue Viz series to go. So sad. Hopefully JManga will have hooked us up with some new content before I polish this off. I keep watching the site, seeing all those Takao Saito releases, and hoping that Golgo 13 is coming soon. I really should buy some of the other titles to support the chances of that happening. I’m sure they’re just a crazy-awesome.

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