Kamisama Kiss 9

May 24, 2012

Julietta Suzuki – Viz – 2012 – 12+ volumes

Hooray! I’m always happy to read a new volume of Kamisama Kiss. It’s one of my current favorites, and features a mix of folkloric plot and great characters with an adorable romance that I am absolutely weak to.

The kamisama meeting wraps up in this volume, and the revival of Ashura-Oh is put off for a later date. At the beginning of this volume, Nanami (literally) stumbles across a tiny child tengu who is searching for a lost member of his village. He describes a late bloomer like himself that left to become someone great, a very heroic character. Neither I nor you should be surprised to find out that the one he’s looking for is Kurama, the rock star that attends Nanami’s school and periodically hits on her. This leads in to massive backstory about Kurama and the culture of the tengu village, which is currently in danger due to the failing health of their leader.

I was a bit disappointed by this, because the last volume teased another Tomoe story, and the beginning of this volume hinted that their romance might be going somewhere. Neither of these issues are touched on, really, though Tomoe is now 100% more adorable when it comes to guarding Nanami. But the tengu story is a good one. It feels strange to be getting so much depth for Kurama, who has been such a minor character up to now, but fleshing out characters like Kurama is what Suzuki does best. If this were any other shoujo manga, he would have stayed a boring, celebrity stereotype romantic rival that never did anything. But I love that about both Kamisama Kiss and Karakuri Odette. There’s a little something for all the characters here.

And again, I’m a sucker for folklore-themed stories like this. All the details of the tengu village, the child-rearing techniques, and their secession rituals were utterly fascinating. Usually I like a little variety among my demons, but there’s so much detail here that I had a good time reading it. Plus, it made me reach for the next volume of Natsume’s Book of Friends, which is never a bad thing.

So, yeah. It’s still a unique mixture of funny and sweet, with lots of details about Japanese mythology and a very interesting and in-depth cast of characters. It’s one of my three favorite shoujo manga right now, along with Skip Beat and Dengeki Daisy. Highly recommended!

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

One Response to “Kamisama Kiss 9”

  1. ZeroSD Says:

    I really like Kamisama Kiss too. I’m planning on hunting down some of the author’s older ones ’cause I liked it so much.

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