Love Pistols 2

May 31, 2012

Tarako Kotobuki – SuBLime – 2012 – 6+ volumes

Another from the SuBLime archives, I waited so long to review it that volume 3 came out.

As I’ve said before, I have… problems with this series. Very deep-rooted problems. But it’s hard for me to deny the fact that the author does a good job fleshing out her world and the rules within it. She uses animal magnetism as the relationship hook here, and it makes for some truly… bizarre storytelling. But fascinating. Also, wrong. And don’t get me started on the whole babies thing. Which is what the second half of this volume is about. But! Before that! Yonekuni!

The first half is about Kunimasa’s brother, Yonekuni. Yonekuni hates men. Hates them so much, in fact, that he makes Norio dress like a girl in front of him while he’s teaching him about being a zooman. So that he doesn’t look weird, he has one pretend male friend, the bookish class chairman. The two eat lunch together every day, and the chairman is the only man he’ll let get close to him.

So… Yonekuni is half snake, half dragon, and has body heat issues. If he gets too cold, he’ll die, more or less. Turns out, whenver he gets cold, he’s been unconsciously crawling into the bed of the chairman. Because this is a BL comic. When the chairman admits his feelings, Yonekuni rejects him and goes on an angry rampage about how wrong it is to be liked by a man… but you know where this is going.

I was really torn over this story. It’s easy to hate Yonekuni, because Yonekuni cares so little about what others think of him. He doesn’t care what the chairman thinks, or the chairman’s friends, or his fellow classmates… he does what he wants. This does not make for a sympathetic character. And part of me also hates the somewhat pathetic way the chairman is getting half of a relationship with Yonekuni while he is in need of body heat. On the other hand, their relationship works in the context of Love Pistols because of the whole animal magnetism thing. It’s really disappointing that Yonekuni gives in to it so easily, because if anyone is going to fight it, seems like it would be him. And it’s hard for me to believe that he goes from hating the Chairman’s guts to doting on him and being jealous of others. But I do like that it is so absolute that not even the obstinate Yonekuni can really fight against the zooman rules.

Hmm. I did like something about it, but I can’t say what. It’s a little addictive, and that might just be that I was dying to know more about how the zooman system works. It is a little classy that a series like this doesn’t take that to terribly dark places. But the relationship itself in the first half here… all signs point to no for me.

The second half is about Norio’s friend Kumakashi. Kumakashi is from one of the most prestigious bear zooman houses in Japan, and his family is looking for a suitable partner for him. They want it to be another upper-tier bear zooman. So they hire a stud. And Kumakashi has to do all the… procreating.

I hated this, honestly, and this was another semi-abusive relationship. There hasn’t really been a nice pair of partners yet, though I do like that every half-volume features a different couple.

On the other hand… the Kumakashi story. The partner was another big dude. I imagine that bara looks something like this.

So, yeah. While I am saying all these negative things… again, there’s something about this series that keeps me coming back. I may just be that big a fan of complex fantasy elements like this done right. Almost everything about this series freaks me out a little, but not as badly as, say, Ze. I think another part of the appeal is that it does switch couples so easily. Ze does that too, but it tends to sit on the couples a little longer, and nothing in Love Pistols has yet been as bad as the Himi story in Ze. I’m going to keep reading for now. Maybe next volume I’ll get a pairing I like.

One Response to “Love Pistols 2”

  1. Pua Says:

    I’m actually with you in this one. I really enjoy this though. Its totally different from what I usually read and I really love those two together, I just wished that maybe he needs to love him more or something. I cant wait till all of the series has been completed so then I can fully analize this it. Oh I do love the main couple of this to though. I think they balance eachother very well and as for this pregnancy situations hahaha I think that is very interesting.

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