Shadow Lady 3

June 6, 2012

Masakazu Katsura – Dark Horse – 2001 – 3 volumes

I’m not sure how I forgot to cover this months ago, but the recent kaitou article made me realize I was lacking. Here you go!

What started off as a light comedy gets serious here as the demons are unleashed and it falls to Shadow Lady, a character who steals from museums in order to rile up the police, to save humanity. It’s not the best turn of events, admittedly, but it still works pretty well in the context of the series, and it’s also nice to see some of the loose ends get wrapped up. There’s still the whole Bright loves/hates Shadow Lady thing, and Aimi’s secret identity, and some other stuff. Well, not that they make for particularly thrilling loose ends.

Most of what happens here is action, as Shadow Lady has to fight demons in order to get relics to seal them. It’s pretty epic stuff, and it leaves her looking quite evil when the demons murder people and pin it on Shadow Lady. She may be a thief, but she’s no murderer, and people begin to turn against her when it looks like she’s killing innocent people. Even when those innocent people were actually demon slaves, or whatever.

It has a suitably epic finish, too. Aimi’s compact gets smashed, so she can turn into Shadow Lady one more time. She does so when all hope is lost, then gets it back. You know how these things work. I never get tired of these epic scenes when done right, and it was certainly thrilling in here, despite the… quality of the rest of the series. I mean. It’s mostly just an excuse to draw Shadow Lady in skin-tight costumes, showing off as much t&a as possible and making innuendo-filled jokes to the police force. But I like it anyway. And I liked the ending.

I also liked the short story at the end, which seems like the prototype story for the series. Same characters, same plot, slightly different circumstances. Bright is especially great in the short story.

Overall, this isn’t going to be worth the hunt for most people. But I loved it, and hopefully there are a good number of Masakazu Katsura fans out there that love it, too.

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