Maoh: Juvenile Remix 7

June 12, 2012

Kotaro Isaka / Megumi Osuga – Viz – 2011 – 10 volumes

This volume was REALLY GREAT. This is one of those short, really low profile Shounen Sunday series that I feel like nobody but me reads. I’m shelving this next to Law of Ueki and Nora: The Last Chronicles of Devildom. All of them are a low-key kind of awesome, but awesome all the same. Maoh is the best of all of them, though. It’s a thriller, and a bit more cerebral than the usual Shounen Sunday series.

And as if to prove my point about how classy it is, the volume opens with an excerpt from a Goethe poem. A very appropriate one.

This volume has the long-awaited confrontation between Ando and Inukai. Inukai’s meeting place is revealed, and Ando limps over there knowing he has to stop it. There’s an insane crowd between him and Inukai, however, and a police crackdown and some necromancy get in his way. But Ando perseveres. He really gives it his all.

Really, this scene could not have played out any differently than what I expected. And it’s a really great thing that it did. It’s much better than I could have ever imagined. Both Inukai and Ando’s points of view are shared. I really don’t want to spoil anything, because the ending to this is fantastic. You have to read it yourself.

Then part two begins, and the perspective switches to Ando’s cheerful brother Junya. Junya is no longer very cheerful, and he seems to have gained the ability to never lose at rock-paper-scissors, or perhaps at betting in general. He chases down Semi and his boss, and there’s a rather impressive game of Russian Roulette involved in getting information. This is a completely new direction for the story, and the plot enters the underworld as information is hunted. It’s… strange, and different from part one, but I definitely want to see where all this is going.

I’ve always been slow at reading this series, but maybe it’s for the best. I don’t want to get too burned out on it, and staggering the volumes only reminds me of how good it is when I read one like this. I could not be happier with part one, and I encourage those looking for a dark and serious thriller to check it out. I especially like the very light supernatural touch. It’s strange that things like Ando’s ventriloquism still work in such a realistic plot. Realistic enough to really pull off the fact that Inukai is successfully brainwashing everyone. Part two is promising, and I’m definitely curious to see how the climax of the series could possibly top what happened here.

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