Excel Saga 1

June 21, 2012

Rikdo Koshi – Viz – 2003 – 27 volumes

I told you I was starting over at the beginning.

I still don’t quite know what to make of it. I’m no less lost than I was at volume 23. I… I think I like that. I would like to have a little better grasp of what’s going on, but I’m pretty sure I’ve got everything straight. Excel works for ACROSS. The leader doesn’t really like her, for some reason, and also gives unclear instructions. Excel goes out and kind of follows directions, but also usually causes some sort of firey incident that has very little to do with taking over the city. There’s sort of a sidekick who’s very ill. There’s not a whole lot of money around. There’s angry neighbors, and I recognize those guys from volume 23, but here they are simply angry neighbors.

None of this is explained. It just sort of happens. I rather like the absurdist quality of it, but admittedly, with the unconnected craziness of volume one… if it goes on like this through volumes 2-3, I may just pick back up with 24 next year and take the beginning of the series slowly. I need a point of reference or something, some sort of storyline for the mania, or I’ll lose interest fast. Sgt. Frog is a casualty of this, but I’m hoping Excel Saga can give me a little something to follow.

Even if it doesn’t, I still like volume one quite a bit, and I am eager to read two and three. I don’t have much else to offer in the way of commentary, because it really is just… crazy, and you kinda need to see it for yourself. But let’s see where it goes from here.

4 Responses to “Excel Saga 1”

  1. ZeroSD Says:

    It’ll be hard to tell the plot from the randomness at first ^^ Keep an eye out for the city agency.

  2. Pirkaf Says:

    I really don’t like this manga. I think that first volumes are really bad and I really regret buying them.

  3. Sivek Says:

    I’ve never been a big fan of the idea that series x gets better as it goes on when trying to recommend it to others, as I’ve found manga in particular to be something that I can get a good feel for very early on but (there had to be a but coming) Excel Saga is the super-rare series where I flipped my opinion on it completely. It’s probably one of the my top 10 series yet even when I re-read it a couple of years ago, I still found the first few volumes to be bad. If I had to pinpoint a time when I thought it becomes really good, it may be with the introduction of the 3rd character to the main heroine trio and even that is around vol.7 or so. I only read it to that point since I had blind bought up to that part but it really does hit stride and become an extremely enjoyable series if one can drudge through the beginning. It’s also one of the more unique series I’ve read, it’s has something more than the absurd comedic element of it that I can’t quite put into words other than to say that I find a hard time comparing it to anything else I’ve read.

    It does have an excellent notes section that CGH almost always delivers on titles that he works on.

  4. ZeroSD Says:

    My view is, the humor’s strong from the start, but the plot is what keeps things fresh.

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