Finder Series 6: Passion Within the Viewfinder

June 21, 2012

Ayano Yamane – DMP/June – 2012 – 6+ volumes

We are officially caught up with the Finder series. I read this in a ridiculous smut spree last fall, and I had forgotten just how dirty and silly it really is. Finder definitely isn’t for everyone. It’s probably downright worth avoiding for many (I hated it, the first time I read volume 1). But it’s definitely exactly what some are looking for. You know who you are.

I really liked this volume. Not that anyone really reads Finder for the story, but I enjoyed the break after the lengthy Hong Kong abduction arc and getting back to the business of Akihito being a sleazy tabloid photographer that keeps bumping into Asami, a sleazy underworld businessman, and their sleazy dealings with one another. Akihito gets home to find his apartment completely emptied, with a single key taped to the wall, presumably to Asami’s place. Flat-out refusing to be kept, he stays with a friend and begins to try and put his life back together. His former place of employment gives him a job conditionally, where he needs to beat out another photographer for the best paparazzi-style shot of an infirm celebrity. Of course, things are never as easy as they seem, and the celebrity is in the hospital because she has a stalker, who has of course gotten on the wrong side of Asami. And then the man begins to stalk Akihito. So… you know. Things get bad. Happily, the story arc is self-contained in this volume.

Yamane describes the story as Akihito clawing his way back the top, which is one of the best things about it. He’s trying very hard to go back to the way things used to be, but he finds he just doesn’t have the stomach to be as sleazy as the job requires. He also finds that, to get the ins that he needs to investigate, he needs to rely on Asami more than he’s comfortable with, and he also begins to realize that Asami may be a truly bad man. There’s lots of good stuff here, in terms of story and characters.

But you didn’t come here for that, did you? Well, there’s plenty of the other stuff, too. Shockingly so, given how much else is going on. But that’s Finder for you.

There’s also a fun story in the back that re-introduces the Mizuno/Hiyama pair, and to make things way better, they are on a class trip and personally chaperoned by Akihito. While I rarely like filler and B-side material in BL books, the Mizuno/Hiyama stories that have been intermittently appearing in the backs of the Finder volumes have grown on me, and this lengthy story is pretty excellent. Well, aside from the fact that Hiyama is still not very responsive, and it’s more of a silly romance than it is romantic. But there’s plenty of that in the main series, so I enjoy this one quite a bit for the silliness.

So, basically, this volume is a whole lot of awesome for those who are into the series. Get it while you can, it seems like there might not be a lot of copies circulating.

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