Devil and Her Love Song 3

June 28, 2012

Miyoshi Tomori – Viz – 2012 – 13 volumes

I’m still completely in love with this series, and I’m a little sad I’m caught up to the current volume. I’d love to read more. The story demands it, as much as a shoujo romance can. Which is quite a bit, in this case. The twist, in this case, is that the main character is extraordinarily unlikable, and her class does have a reason to misunderstand her. Yet the story portrays her sympathetically, and you really do want her to make friends, which seems impossible with her extremely rude and off-putting demeanor.

This volume follows a storyline about a classmate named Hana, and Maria’s efforts to fairly host the upcoming choral competition. Hana has been absent since Maria started school, so Maria is meeting her for the first time. She is the complete opposite of Maria herself. Friendly and well-liked, Hana heals the boy/girl schism in the class caused by the choral competition with a few words. And it even seems like Hana wishes to be friends with Maria when she admits privately to liking Yusuke.

But Hana’s friendship turns very ugly very fast when she finds out that Yusuke publicly confessed his feelings for Maria. Then we find out that nice Hana has been forcing her feelings on Yusuke for years, even after he politely rejects her, and she makes Yusuke into the bad guy for doing so. She also teams up with the teacher and other female students in the class in elaborate plans that make Maria look worse and worse and turn even the people who have begun to understand her away. The ultimate goal is to disgrace Maria on TV during the choral competition and make both Hana and her class look much better for having to deal with such a problem child.

These schemes are all sorts of ugly, and this, mixed with the bad signals that Maria gives off, gives the story some seriously bad vibes. Nothing goes right. But again, Maria wants to do the right thing, and because this is a shoujo manga, she usually manages. The bittersweet tone is perfect, and is my absolute favorite thing about this.

The next volume can’t come out fast enough. Seriously.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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