Dog X Cat 1

July 5, 2012

Yoshimi Amasaki – DMP/June – 2009 – 3 volumes

The third volume of this just came out, and since it was popular to have a 3-volume release, I thought I’d give the first couple a try. It’s mostly a cutesy series, which isn’t so much my thing, but I still liked it a lot.

The couple in question this time is Junya and Atsu. They’ve been friends since childhood, and recently Junya has confessed that he is in love with Atsu. Atsu isn’t sure how to take this new development, but continues their friendship as normal while he takes the time to consider it. Turns out, he can’t stand the thought of popular Junya going out with anybody else, so decides to embark on a romantic relationship in order to keep Junya to himself.

The rest of the book is mostly chapters about the two figuring out how to date a man. There’s boundaries, a bit of drama when Atsu wonders why Junya is so skillful in bed, but mostly a lot of cute stuff. Almost-missed dates, wondering whether the other likes you as much as you love him, et cetera. Lots of sex, too, since it’s an 801 title. The title comes from the oft-repeated childhood fantasy that Atsu has always wanted a big dog of his own, and he sees Junya as the type of big, loyal dog he’s always wanted. Atsu is often drawn as a skittish cat.

One of the later chapters crosses into non-con territory, but does so in a more mindful way than BL books usually do. Junya drinks a strong drink meant as a prank for Atsu at a party, and gets so drunk he forces himself on Atsu. Atsu walks out on him the next morning, though the incident is blamed on alcohol and is forgiven a bit easily when Atsu realizes Junya drank the drink so he wouldn’t have to.

It’s a fun, quick, and mostly fluffy read, and I liked it better than the average BL book. I am curious what two more volumes worth of stories might contain though, since neither Junya nor Atsu had particularly strong or unique personalities. I did like the premise about the two figuring each other out, though.

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