Kizuna 6

July 5, 2012

Kazuma Kodaka – DMP/Juné – 2012 – 11 volumes
this is Japanese volume 11

I literally could not wait to read this. I’ve enjoyed Kizuna immensely since I picked up the first omnibus, and was devastated that I would have to wait to read the final volume.

There’s nothing too surprising here, but I was happy to see the story wrapping up all the loose ends. Last volume, there was a major story about Kei and Ranmaru moving into Ranmaru’s family dojo and taking over the household from his grandfather. This was a nice and moving story, and ended well last time, so I was a little confused when it kept going here. Mostly it just re-iterates the day-to-day activities between the two, and how they reconcile their relationship with curious relatives, Ranmaru’s grandfather, everyday life, et cetera. As mundane as some of it is, it’s not often that you see a BL book go into such detail. Especially one that had a taste for car accidents and kidnappings the way Kizuna did.

One thing that did bother me a bit was that Ranmaru decided to officially come out to his grandfather. I had thought in the last volume, when his grandfather stated that Kei and Ranmaru would rather live with each other than find a wife, that the issue was resolved in a… gentle way. It seemed like he knew, and was happy to have the both of them living with him. So I wasn’t sure why Ranmaru wanted to really, really make sure. Then again, he’s not my grandfather, and this is not a conversation I would ever have, so it’s hard for me to say. That was the point of drama for the Kei/Ranmaru portion of the volume, and when that was dealt with, the story ended in a very nice, satisfying way.

The second half of the volume is the Kei/Masa story wrap-up. Actually, my favorite part of these stories that take place in Osaka is the fighting between Kei and his father (who seems to dote, but is flatly rejected by Kei), and the way that Kei and Masa inconvenience everyone around them in petty ways. It’s really funny, actually, and makes this story a bit more charming, given the fact that it’s mostly about yakuza succession. The ending focuses on the sexual relationship between Kei and Masa, which I’m sure was driving fans of the pair crazy since it only happens at the end.

Overall, the ending was good. Satisfying, as I’ve mentioned. I’ve liked some of the other volumes more, but I have a taste for drama, and it was nice to see a break from it at the end here, giving all the characters a nice time together. It’s one of my absolute favorite BL series, and it looks like June has been keeping the omnibus volumes in print, so it’s definitely worth checking out as a lengthy BL saga.

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