Kimi ni Todoke 14

July 17, 2012

Karuho Shiina – Viz – 2012 – 16+ volumes

Aww. I think we’re almost caught up to Japan, so volume 15 won’t be out here until November. I love this series to pieces, so the longer wait is going to be tough. Luckily, the plot is pretty easy-going, so there aren’t a lot of cliffhangers to suffer from.

Well, except for this volume. I’m dying to know what’s going on with Ayane, and Chizu’s relationships leave off in a bad spot as well. I say “bad,” but both are in more of a bittersweet transition moment. There’s not a whole lot of drama, so it didn’t leave me hanging off their every word and action. Still, they feel a bit closer and more human than other characters might in a more drama-tastic series, so I’m worried about them.

Ayane has a self-realization moment at the end of the volume. It’s a sad one, and one that’s easy to identify with. She also compares herself unfavorably to Chizu and Sawako, which I always find to be heartbreaking, especially when the character doesn’t hold it against the others. I can’t say I’m all that happy with the person who did the comforting, as I still have not warmed up to them. But maybe this person will prove themselves in coming volumes. There aren’t a whole lot of jerks in Kimi ni Todoke.

Anyway! The main point of this volume is that Sawako’s class is on a trip to Okinawa. There’s plenty of friendship bliss for Sawako to bask in, and for everybody, there are plenty of choice hand-holding moments. That includes Sawako and Kazehaya, of course, but a lot of their moments are also spent with friends. There’s still something so awkward and wonderful at all the pleasure Sawako takes from all this. It’s still the absolute joy of reading the series for me.

Most awkward and wonderful at all was a… private time scene between Sawako and Kazehaya. Aaahh. My little shoujo manga heart nearly exploded.

Hmm… as Ayane tries to figure herself out in this volume, there’s some talk with Pin. As much as such things bother me in other series… it bugs me a bit here, the implied student/teacher (and when I say implied, I mean so lightly implied that Pin is probably just going to be support for later on), but you know… it also doesn’t really. Perhaps because Pin is so immature to begin with. He seems a lot more like one of the students than teachers usually do. Perhaps emotionally younger, even.

Anyway, I can’t say too much more without giving it away. This series is paced fairly slow and might lack teeth for those that do like drama-filled series, but for me, it balances out my love for drama with a well-written series full of nice girls and a joie de vivre that a lot of series lack. It’s impossible to read a volume without finishing in a good mood, and it’s exactly what I needed to read lately.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

One Response to “Kimi ni Todoke 14”

  1. Noura Says:

    I loved volume 14 of Kimi ni Todoke a lot. I find it to be my favorite because of the Ayane moments as she is my favorite. It is really rare to find such a complicated and interesting secondary character in shoujo manga. I am interested in seeing how the mangaka is going to develop this character.

    I liked the talk between Pin and Ayane in this volume as it was a bit refreshing and different. I think the two suit each other but whether there will be feelings in the future is something I cannot tell. Perhaps he will be support for later on, as mentioned but I would love to see Pin developed more.

    I was not all that happy with the person who comforted Ayane, as well. I just cannot see her in a long-term relationship with them but who knows what the mangaka is planning for her characters.

    I love Kimi ni Todoke because it is different from other shoujo manga and it being slow-paced never really bothered me as I am tired of those series where couples get together so fast. We need something different and quality every now and then.

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