Sailor Moon 4

July 25, 2012

Naoko Takeuchi – Kodansha USA – 2012 – 14 volumes

Okay! I give up! I submit! I’m completely caught up in the story at this point. The guardians keep disappearing, evil is encroaching, the far future is brought to bear on the present, the 10th planet of the solar system (this part made me laugh) is actually evil, and everything is escalating nicely, with the heroes in a rather dire place throughout the entire volume. I live for this stuff. Sailor Moon delivers nicely. Plus, Sailor Pluto is my favorite.

The time travel part of this story arc has always been one of my favorite parts of the series, trumped only by the Sailor Stars arc. The big reveal that Chibi-Usa is actually from the future, and traveled to the past to get the legendary Sailor Moon to save her mother… and actually, she’s from 30th Century Crystal Tokyo and her mother is Usagi, was always all kinds of mind-blowing to me for whatever reason. Plus, she made friends with the forbidden guardian of time, who gave her a key to travel through time with. Best not to dwell on that last part, especially since time travel is apparently the last taboo and is guarded viciously.

But the Guardians can do it, and the bad guys can do it, so now we are shuffling between the present and future once all the explanations are out of the way. As I mentioned, the Guardians keep disappearing, and we go down to a core staff of Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask, and Sailor Venus by mid-volume. By volume’s end, even Sailor Moon finds herself in a situation where… she’s more or less out of action. Prince Demande (though I prefer the translated gem names, so Diamond) has a great and very crazy reason for kidnapping her. I like his motivation, though I have to admit I probably only enjoy it because I know it doesn’t go anywhere creepy.

Mostly, though, I’m ready for the next volume, which introduces the Black Lady. She’s also one of my favorites. I’m also curious to see if the S arc is better than I remember. I’ve never been the biggest fan of that one.

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