20th Century Boys 21

August 28, 2012

Naoki Urasawa – Viz – 2012 – 23 volumes

Really, I should save the last couple volumes of this and read them together. I’m going to be left in a similar situation to the one I’m in now. I tore through these, and they’re packed with equal parts action and cryptic hints. I can see this is all going somewhere, and it will be somewhere fantastic. After all, part of the plot here is that the Friend has UFOs going all over the city splashing citizens with red paint that looks like blood. And this becomes routine. But the problem is that I still have absolutely no clue where or how this will conclude. There’s… not really a fight that’s going to happen. I can see that. I don’t even know if things will be solved with a conversation from Kenji. It doesn’t seem like he’s the type that will just kill the Friend for all the awful things he’s done.

So… what? How? What does the comeback of the bowling boom have to do with any of this? What about T.Rex? And those last pages!

Those last pages.

I really can’t offer any additional insight or commentary on this. Kanna and Kenji are still separated, and still fighting the good fight. As is the Pope. We are still getting plentiful flashbacks, though I’m not quite sure where those are going.

But really, all the crazy stuff that’s happened before is turning into something here. Really, it’s been an amazingly cohesive story the whole time. And now it’s going to end with something great. I literally cannot wait.

But. Those last pages. What was he thinking?

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