Tenjo Tenge 7 (omnibus ed.)

September 9, 2012

Oh!great – Viz – 2012 – 22 volumes
this is an omnibus containing vols. 13-14

I’m going to keep this short, because I’ve already talked about these on here. Mostly, I just like writing these omnibuses up as a head’s up that they’re still coming out. I love Tenjo Tenge, and this is a beautiful edition of it. It’s worth picking up, if over-the-top action series are your thing. This is a particularly good one.

Two volumes, two main things happen. One is that we see the extent of Nagi’s powers, and why his father has kidnapped him. Basically, what all this stuff has been leading up to. Nagi is being held against his will, and being forced to fight others and absorb their powers via the kotodama power of a martial artist sympathetic to Sohaku. It’s awful. He tries to escape, and the people he fights try to escape as well. Eventually, the Juken Club and Executive Council show up to bust the party up, though they don’t get very far. Notable in this part is Shizuru, a martial artist with strong legs. She’s kind of awful in a way that some of the female characters are in this series, but I always had a soft spot for her. She knows what she wants, and goes all out to get it. I often wonder if she appears at Todo later.

We also see what Sohaku was doing to Makiko, Nagi’s mother. It was really awful. Just… so sad. I felt even worse for her than I already did, and the woman has no arms and only one eye.

The second thing that happens is that Maya fights. We’ve only seen strong present-Maya fight once, really, when Emi broke her shoulder way back in volume… two, or whatever. She’s one of the strongest characters in the series, and I always thought it was annoying that she was kept out of commission for basically the entire run. But we see her fight here, and it is spectacular. Aya helps her, and sadly, it is not her powers alone that she fights with, but it is still fantastic.

Also, she gets a really badass line, one of my favorites in the series, after she is “killed,” then comes back with an attack. It’s something to the effect of her brother sending her back from the river Styx. I preferred the CMX translation of that line, actually, but it’s badass no matter how you say it.

Next volume is the boring medieval flashback. I’m… sorry.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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