X 2 (omnibus ed.)

September 9, 2012

CLAMP – Viz – 2012 – 18+ volumes
this is an omnibus containing vols. 4-6

Really. I love this series so much! I’m saying that a lot tonight, and to be honest, I probably love this one about as much as Dorohedoro. But they are good for different reasons. This is the most shoujo of all shoujo manga, with it’s pretty art, angst, drama, prophecy, and bosom friendships. It absolutely fills me with nostalgia, and it makes me so happy. Keep that in mind, and take my praise for this with a grain of salt, because it is still way convoluted and complicated, probably overly so for many. But man. X. This is probably how other people feel about Sailor Moon. I’m sorry, she just doesn’t hold a candle to Kamui.

It’s hard for me to read through these first volumes, knowing what comes next. I’m getting impatient, and I really want to get to the good stuff. I mean, seriously? How is the Kotori/Kamui/Fuuma relationship still intact in volume 6? That should have altered dramatically in, like, volume 2. But the exposition works its slow magic through these volumes, and I still adore every page.

Kamui meets Hinoto, the dreemseer below the Diet Building. She explains how he can choose sides and essentially swing the fate of the Earth and humanity either way. Would he like to destroy Earth by letting humans live and pollute the environment, or would he rather save the earth by eradicating humanity? Ultimately, though he’s got a bit of a bad boy edge, his heart lies with Fuuma and Kotori, so we know where this is going. The story hints that things may very well get ugly from here. I think it may be right.

Meanwhile, we are introduced to more of the Dragons of Heaven and Earth. Kanoe, Kusanagi, Seishirou, Karen, Yuzuriha, and maybe a couple others are introduced. Again, I know this is a little much for people, and I understand. It took me a lot of study to wrap my brain around all these characters, and I know it’s not going to be worth it for most. But I know them, and watching them enter the story makes my heart glad. Elsewhere, we learn about Sorata and what his deal with destiny is, and what it has to do with Arashi. They also try to determine the rest of the Dragons of Heaven by going through powerful priests/priestesses at prominent Japanese shrines. I love that Karen steps in right then.

Hmm… what else? Fuuma is struggling with what his father told him before he died. So is Kamui, for that matter. More and more people pick up the chant, leaving the vital last bit, “Fuuma… you… are Kamui’s…” maddeningly incomplete. But! Ultimately, there’s nothing that can be done about that.

And that’s basically all the brief commentary I have on this omnibus. I love every freaking page. On top of all that, it’s pretty. It’s honestly the prettiest manga I own. I have three different editions of it… four, if you count Animerica Extra. It’s just so nice to look at, which is a big part of why I put in the work to figure all the plot and characters out. And years later, it still rewards me. It is, and will always be, my favorite CLAMP manga. I just wish it had an ending. Honestly!

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