October 11, 2012

Momoko Tenzen – DMP/June – 2012 – 1 volume

I had been wanting to try a Momoko Tenzen book for some time, and this one looked like it was right up my alley. Actually, I’ve been hearing people talk her up, but I didn’t realize she had so many books in English. I may have to sample a couple more, because this was exactly what I wanted. And when I say that, and it’s a BL book, you know I mean that it had salarymen and a well-written romance. So, yeah.

This time around, the main couple is Asada and Mizuki. Mizuki is an extremely attractive man that works at the same company as Asada. So attractive, in fact, that even the completely straight Asada noticed him. They wind up on a project together (surprise!), and Asada gets to know Mizuki better and better. A wrench gets thrown into the works when he realizes Mizuki is gay, but Mizuki smooths the situation out, and the two become drinking buddies. But when Asada sees Mizuki crying on the street one day after breaking up with his lover, the two become closer, and Asada begins to wonder whether he actually wants to fill the vacancy. Which he does, because this is a BL book. There’s a complication that takes up the second half of the book that involves Mizuki’s lover, who wants to move on, but still wants Mizuki to be happy.

There’s nothing out of the ordinary here, but the slow pace and well-written characters make this a pretty great book. It’s also got a chapter at the end about the happy couple trying to transition to first names. The use of last names, even during sex, and for the duration of even the longest BL series, is something that amuses me to no end, so I like stories about the transition to first names.

Not at the top of my list, but still pretty fantastic. Again, I’ll be looking for other books by her. I was a happy reader.

One Response to “Flutter”

  1. アユ Says:

    I sill have yet to review my copy but yes I also love Tenzen-sensei’s works! Not my top favourites but they’re always great to read in my opinion :)

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