Sailor Moon 5

October 11, 2012

Naoko Takeuchi – Kodansha USA – 2012 – 14 volumes

I’m a bit behind on this, and I should really catch up. This volume ends the R/Dark Moon story arc, and the S and Super S story arcs are stories I don’t remember as well. Maybe it’ll be like reading it for the first time!

I’m still really torn on how to feel about this series. Again, it’s full of really good ideas, and there are parts and characters I really like. On one hand, the fact that a criminal from 1,000 years in the future was sent to a prison planet and eventually merged with it to become this ultimate rival evil is kind of awesome. But Wiseman/Death Phantom is never more than… just evil. The manga isn’t really about him, but Sailor Moon is probably one of the only action-oriented series that doesn’t try to humanize the villains more than a smidge. Reubeus, Sapphire, and Diamond all have a smidge of characterization (Diamond does what he does because he’s in love with Neo Queen Serenity and wants her for himself, Sapphire thinks that the crystal Sailor Moon has is the source of too much strife and is a bit of a rogue, et cetera), but not more than that. Some characters go way over the top in this, but then again, I think I may enjoy Sailor Moon more if the villains were a bit more than cannon fodder.

Perhaps the extra depth is why I like Black Lady so much. Well, that and the character design. She was my favorite part of this volume.

Other than that… really, there’s just a whole lot of the bad guys being bad because they are, and that’s what they do. The Guardians struggle, are nearly defeated, and overcome in a triumphant way. It just doesn’t feel as good in Sailor Moon for some reason. Perhaps because I’ve read it before, or perhaps because the battles aren’t that great, I don’t know.

Poor Sailor Pluto, though. I forgot about that part, and it was sad.

Having complained for several paragraphs, there’s still something I really like about this series. Obviously, since I’m five volumes in and still going. But I’m not sure if it’s a love of the basic idea, or nostalgia, or probably both. But I’m reading it… and feeling a bit rushed and a little disappointed, because I’m just not enjoying it very much.

Again, though. Maybe the S/Infinity arc will be better, because other than the basic parts, I don’t remember the storyline well at all. I’m hoping I’ll get really into it if reading it is a bit fresher next time.

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