Totally Captivated: Totally Peeking Under the Sheets 1

October 11, 2012

Hajin Yoo – Netcomics – 2012 – 3 volumes

I’m saying 3 volumes because Netcomics published 3 volumes of supplement stories to Totally Captivated at the same time, which you can order from their website.

But the important thing to take away from that sentence is that Netcomics published 3 volumes of supplement stories to Totally Captivated. Seriously. I was so ridiculously excited about this. This was completely unlooked-for, and Totally Captivated is one of my absolute favorite BL stories of all time. On a particularly hazy day, I might say that it rates above Let Dai because of the latter’s bad dialogue. But both are extremely good.

These three volumes are basically doujinshi, or the Korean version thereof (not doujinshi, but I don’t know the Korean term for that). What makes these particularly awesome is that they’re still drawn by Hajin Yoo. The books themselves are really cool, too. They’re huge (magazine-size), and they’ve got fancy papers at the front and back and are just… you know, a lot nicer than the usual volume of manhwa or manga.

Volume one is about what you’d expect. Lots of short stories that show Mookyul and Ewon having sex, which was not something that was shown in the main series. They did talk a lot about it, though. And they still do.

Seriously, there’s lots of sex. The first third or so of the book is a story about how frequently Mookyul and Ewon have sex. They have it right away, then abstain, which leads Ewon to many flashbacks of the two having sex. The only way a story like this can end is with the two of them having sex for a long time.

But I’m not easily swayed by sex scenes. What makes Totally Captivated fantastic is that Mookyul and Ewon are such strong personalities that react well together. They’re hilarious while still being a completely believable couple, and it feels like a lot more of the nuts and bolts of that is explored here, moreso than it is in the series. This volume is relatively drama-free, which is really nice.

There are a lot of very short, few-page stories and 4-panel comics. Most end with Mookyul jumping Ewon, not necessarily in a graphic way. All are very, very funny, again, because Mookyul and Ewon are great characters.

One of the longer short stories is about Ewon’s friend Moon from the original series and the day he introduced Ewon to his father. This story is also hilarious. I was not Moon’s biggest fan in the original series, but this story frames him as a deviant whose father is more than willing to kill him. Ewon, however, does everything he can to please his father, and it’s great how much the father likes Ewon and how much Moon spoils absolutely everything. Again, a cute story.

Other stories are… hm, one starts with Mookyul waking up from a fantasy about Ewon and being face-to-face with Killer Bear, and ends with an extensive office sex scene between Ewon and Mookyul. Another story is almost drama, where Ewon runs out in a huff after claiming that Mookyul only sees him as a hole… but Ewon’s friend is right, he’s just bragging about the sex.

So yeah, there’s lots of sex, but it’s balanced nicely with lots and lots of Ewon and Mookyul bickering back and forth and basically being themselves. It’s what I liked best about Totally Captivated, and I’m so happy that this is an entire drama-free volume of it. Volume 2 of these side stories is more like volume 7 of Totally Captivated, which is still a good thing, and I’m not sure which I like better. But more on volume 2 next time.

2 Responses to “Totally Captivated: Totally Peeking Under the Sheets 1”

  1. I guess this means you think it’s worth the pretty high price? That’s the main reason I don’t already own it . . .

  2. Connie Says:

    I guess it depends on how much you liked the original. The second volume of Totally Peeking Under the Sheets is just like another volume to the series. I loved the series, so it was worth it for me. This one was cute, and I thought it was worth it too since the character-centric stories were very good, but it might depend on your tolerance for short stories. I haven’t read The Diary of Sangchul yet… I’m sure it’s good, but the idea of a story from his perspective appeals to me less.

    They are also bigger books, slightly smaller than magazine size, which does help justify the high price tag a bit. No color pages, and the page count is about the same as a regular volume of manga. But still.

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