Skip Beat 29

October 26, 2012

Yoshiki Nakamura – Viz – 2012 – 31+ volumes

Skip Beat is my favorite right now. Period. Every volume brings me great joy. I will gush for approximately 500 more words about this volume. You should be prepared for that.

A big chunk of the beginning of the volume concerns the wrap party for Dark Moon. Also, whether or not Kyoko has fallen for Ren. You know. Nothing big. She also agrees to date the Dark Moon co-star, who is portrayed as sort of a ladies’ man. And Ren may or may not make her promise to consult with him on all things having to do with men from now on. And Kyoko may have a hard time figuring out whether he’s acting, or is actually interested in her, or is just like that with everyone.

My heart! And yet! Still not a couple! Shame on you two!

The end of the volume goes back to Cain and Setsuka Heel, this time on the set of Cain’s movie. To be fair, Setsuka’s excuse to be on set is pretty flimsy and shoujo-tastic, but the setup is so good I just don’t care, it’s great to see the two of them acting together. Ren makes a fantastic BJ evil-type character, and it’s a lot of fun seeing him channel the tough guy persona (which is hinted to be his real personality, I guess) to keep Kyoko safe from the prying eyes of costars. And I love love LOVE seeing Kyoko’s reaction to all of this. She’s just so much fun, and all of it is good for a laugh.

I guess that’s probably enough gushing for now (far short of my 500 words). I still don’t really have anything substantial to say, other than this series is my absolute favorite shoujo manga running right now for very good reasons, romance and funny being at the very top. Seriously. Take advantage of the new 3-in-1s, or go back through the internet and read all the gushing that every single person that reads it does (to be fair, some people are turned off by the page layouts, which can stretch out forever sometimes). It’s great, and I’ll stand by that.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

One Response to “Skip Beat 29”

  1. I think of where I was in other shoujo series at volume 29 when it wasn’t clear when the couple would be getting together . . . Oh, wait, there weren’t others. Mostly if a couple wasn’t together in some fashion by volume 10, I was tired of them because there are only so many tropes authors can haul out to keep the romantic leads apart. Then came Skip Beat and its author who decided to try the novel approach of creating two characters with the kind of deep, real trauma that could not simply be dissolved quickly by the usual Shoujo Plot Cleaner device of love conquering all. I loved it. Long may Skip Beat last. At least until it gives me an ending where they work through their individual and couple issues and get together, and it is 100% realistic and earned, dagnabbit.

    That said, I’m glad that Ren’s challenges regarding relationships are a bit different from Kyoko’s. He seems to have accepted some things about his attraction to her, but her lack of anything resembling readiness for a serious romantic relationship is actually something of a boon to him. It will be a while before he seriously has to confront his question of whether he’s willing to set aside his declared ambitions to enter a romantic relationship with her, so while he is a frustrated, I like that he’s not *really* frustrated. I think this may be why the manga can still be so funny and not feel weighted with dread and angst all the time even after 29 volumes. And that scene with the Bo costume, oh dear . . .

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