Toriko 10

October 26, 2012

Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro – Viz – 2012 – 21+ volumes

This book suddenly has some awesome lines. “Final attack?! More like FUTILE attack!” Or “What I still haven’t done… IS HAMMER THE FINAL NAIL IN YOUR COFFIN!” These are all lines from Bogie Woods, who has 4,000 bones. That’s just how Toriko rolls.

Later, a man resists extreme cold by sweating antifreeze. In the second set of battles, it’s revealed that the bad guy has armor made out of a very rare sea turtle, said to have a shell made out of the toughest material on Earth. But the good guy has a sword MADE FROM THE FANG OF THE MONSTER THAT EATS THOSE TURTLES. Yes.

This eventually ties back into Toriko’s fight with Tommyrod, who spews thousands of insects that Toriko incinerates in the air with his shivering.

I periodically have to stop, because I still have trouble wrapping my brain around just how manly and nonsensically awesome this series is. Pretty much everything about it. I’m not even really reviewing it here. The fight scenes in this volume aren’t really going anywhere, except to prolong the storyline about the soup they’re after (boo! that was one of the things I liked about this series, that it didn’t linger over-long on plot). They’re just awesome and unbelievable, and that’s exactly what I like about this series.

Actually, the fight between Toriko and Tommyrod escalates to ridiculous levels. They actually do something that, in theory, can’t be taken back. Except I know that this series will just blow it off and move on like it’s nothing. I can’t figure out if it’ll be by undoing it, or just pretending it doesn’t matter, though.

At any rate. Just… wow. I love this series hard. It’s almost complete manly nonsense, but sometimes that’s exactly what you want to read. I need to catch up.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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