Totally Captivated: Totally Peeking Under the Sheets 2

October 26, 2012

Hajin Yoo – Netcomics – 2012 – 3 volumes

Again, if you haven’t heard, Totally Captivated is one of my favorite BL series. Netcomics recently released 3 physically large volumes of side stories for the series, which you can pick up from them directly. They are expensive, but they are also magazine-size books that run around 150-170 or so pages each. The larger size does help explain the price, but be warned there aren’t really any other frills for the price.

As I said last time, volume 1 is more of a collection of steamy/humorous one-shots, where volume 2 is more like a volume 7 of the series. The drama is back, though the sex and humor are still there. The sex is not nearly as frequent as you might expect from a doujinshi-style work (again, I don’t know the Korean word for this), especially after reading volume one, but it’s there.

The plot is just as depressing as before. The happy family Ewon spotted at the end of the original series falls to pieces when his father dies and his mother becomes suicidal, leaving his younger sister to fend for herself. Nabin has no place else to go, so Ewon decides to take her in, regardless of what Mookyul wants. Mookyul is inclined to go along with it since he doesn’t want to lose Ewon, but having a child around puts a strain on their happy, carefree adult life. Nabin is gloomy, Ewon doesn’t know how to act around her, and Mookyul is still driven crazy by the fact that Ewon won’t say “I love you” and give himself completely over.

So, basically, yeah, more Totally Captivated. The drama is still good, the romance is still good, and it’s everything amazing about the original one more time. Nabin is an interesting complication, but you can almost believe the three can live together as a family at points. The ending is a little unsatisfying and almost doesn’t make sense, but in the world of BL, that’s how it has to be, I suppose? Except Yugi Yamada and Keiko Kinoshita can pull off the family thing, so I don’t know?

Other than saying it’s exactly like Totally Captivated, and I loved every page of that series, I’m not sure I can praise this any higher. It was exactly what I wanted when I bought these, and I did not regret my purchase. If you are a fan of BL, and humor, give the original series a try, because it is FANTASTIC. This is just as good, but again, probably a little expensive. I’m less excited about the 3rd volume, which is a story from the POV of one of Mookyul’s work associates, but I picked that one up too in the interest of completing the set, and I’m sure it will be good as well, even if it is set before Mookyul met Ewon.

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