Neon Genesis Evangelion 13

November 3, 2012

Yoshiyuki Sadamoto – Viz – 2012 – 13+ volumes

Again, I’m the wrong person to take advice from on this manga series. I watched half the anime and couldn’t finish it. I’ve only read one other volume of the manga, and that was volume 12 a year ago. However! Two things: One is that Viz is releasing this series in a 3-in-1 edition, so we all have a chance to start from the beginning. The other is that this volume is so unbelievably cosmic that you almost don’t need to have read the rest of the series.

That’s not true, exactly. I couldn’t remember what the Evas fought. For some reason, I thought it was one another (but perhaps they only do that out of the Evas?). I was a bit confused when they were fighting the angel monsters at the beginning of the volume. Then again, the battle is pretty awesome, so it doesn’t really matter what those angel monsters are. Shinji is fighting this battle, and he’s under A LOT OF STRESS, so that’s going on.

Meanwhile, his father is bartering with Rei Ayanami. That doesn’t go well for anyone, especially when Genji is betrayed. He probably deserved it. But Rei didn’t have Genji in mind anyway.

And the entire rest of the volume is so unbelievably cosmic, I’m not quite sure what to make of it. It was actually quite easy to follow. I did not know the nature of Rei Ayanami, until I read this, and I still understood it perfectly. I’m not entirely sure how to adequately describe it without giving the whole thing away. I’m a happy customer, though. I’m also not entirely sure where it’s going from here, and if that’s part of the story or I just don’t know the intentions of the ones that abducted Shinji. But it looks to be nearing a rather epic climax. About time, too, since this thing started in the mid-to-late 90s.

Again, I’m not the best opinion on this, but it did get me excited for the 3-in-1 relaunch. It’ll be fun to start from the beginning.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

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