Demon Love Spell 1

January 2, 2013

Mayu Shinjo – Viz – 2012 – 5+ volumes

Admittedly, I love demons, and I love terrible shoujo manga, so I was pretty much sold on the title alone here. But seriously. Mayu Shinjo demons? The girl isn’t merely the average high school girl, but a shrine maiden who needs to touch the demon in order to exorcise others? I’m pretty sure Mayu Shinjo knows her audience like the back of her hand. I’ve read Akuma no Eros by her, which was delightfully trashy beyond all belief, and I was very excited about this. But I would be lying if I didn’t say I felt really guilty about it.

The main character is a Shinto priestess named Miko. Within a few pages, her best friend comes into her shrine and complains about being thrown over by the hot guy at school, and gets Miko to pay attention to her sob story by telling her that the boy must be possessed by a demon. Miko takes her far more seriously than the friend intended, and rushes off to school to exorcise him. Nobody believes the guy is really a demon, including Miko, but Miko wants to prove that the exorcism power that runs in her family didn’t skip a generation. To everyone’s disbelief, it doesn’t, and Miko manages to seal the hot guy (named Kagura) and turn him into a tiny version of himself.

Kagura is a demon, and an incubus at that. He needs to touch and make out with women in order to stay alive. Miko finds that when she holds the diminutive demon in her hand, his power flows into her and she is able to see the demons she has so desperately been trying to spot since she was a girl. But now they’re after her, since she managed to seal the most powerful demon, and she needs Kagura’s help to see and exorcise them.

While that’s going on, Kagura is trying to seduce her. Because this is a Mayu Shinjo manga. Duh. Most of the naughty business happens in Miko’s dreams, which Kagura invades since she won’t turn him big or give him any sort of attention while conscious. But her subconscious is more than willing. Again, because this is a Mayu Shinjo manga.

There are delightful touches throughout. At one point, Miko leaves Kagura behind in her hamster cage. Kagura pouts, and admits that he’s starting to get desperate for any sort of love he can get. Then he turns on the hamster, and the scene changes. Later, he’s wearing a hamster skin to stalk Miko, and for a terrifying moment I thought this went someplace even weirder. Miko also has a best friend that gives the story a dose of reality from time to time. She makes a great disgusted face, and will sometimes call Kagura out on the crazy things he does.

Overall, it does just about what it says on the box. I’m not completely sure where it’s going, because certainly Kagura can’t really seduce Miko? But I’ll be along for every somewhat smutty, unbelievably cheesy volume.

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