13th Boy 10

January 16, 2013

SangEun Lee – Yen Press – 2012 – 12 volumes

While I got down on both Blade of the Immortal and Ouran High School Host Club tonight, 13th Boy is something I couldn’t be happier with. Right now, the romantic triangle of Whie-Young, Beatrice, and Hee-So is raging beyond belief, and it’s still a page-turner. I like it better now that it’s gotten simpler.

Hee-So is still trying to figure out if she likes Beatrice… romantically, or if it’s because Beatrice is someone she can’t live without. Beatrice is still resolving to be strong and turn into someone she doesn’t have to take care of like a pet. But most of the volume is about Whie-Young, and how he’s dying. He continues to use his magic, and he does it every time for Hee-So. He’s not sure why, since he finds her so annoying. As a result of the fact he is dying, the spirit within him shows him the error of his ways and why it is he likes Hee-So so much. We see a flashback to their childhood, and we learn… that Whie-Young will never love Hee-So unless he reclaims the part of himself that he gave to her. The part that loves her.

And it’s totally obvious where this is going, but I’m not going to spoil the surprise out of context. Long story short, this is going to a terrible place within the next two volumes. The kicker is that I’m not sure who will win the battle for Hee-So’s affection. Either boy is likely right now, and that’s almost unheard of in this type of story. There’s always a clear winner. I almost would have believed it was Won-Jun since it seemed to be what Hee-So’s heart wanted, but now… I just can’t tell. And I’m delighted. I’m never surprised, and I’m happy this series can pull that off.

Plus, even with all this depressing story and emotional flashback stuff going on, it still manages to be fairly funny and upbeat, which was always one of its best qualities. I’d recommend it highly for anyone that enjoys reading romance comics, if you haven’t picked it up already.

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