Say It With Manga, 1-10-13

January 17, 2013

I still do this column every week, though I should mention it over here more often. The one that’s going up tomorrow is about sports manga, and I geek out about those for a minute. But the one from last week has three of my absolute favorites in it. Any true lover of girly comics should read Jyu-Oh-Sei, X, and Paradise Kiss. Especially since the latter two have been republished.

I had forgotten that X has been in English in various forms (like, 3 serials and 3 different graphic novel editions) since 1996. That’s… seventeen years. It’s possibly been in print in English longer than many people reading this have been alive. Which makes me feel sad and old. The only other manga series that have been in print longer are probably Oh My Goddess and Akira. Maybe someday CLAMP will finish it!

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