Skip Beat 30

February 9, 2013

Yoshiki Nakamura – Viz – 2013 – 30+ volumes

This series. I’ve been reading only a handful of manga volumes lately, but this series is one of them. It’s my favorite, and for good reason. Every single volume of this makes me laugh. The characters just never stop going through hilarious trials.

This time around, honestly, there’s not a whole lot going on. Kyoko and Ren are still playing the brother/sister pair of Cain and Setsu Heel. Ren’s past comes back to haunt him, and we get glimpses of a hoodlum lifestyle as he lets himself get carried away during a “staged” fight with a castmember he isn’t getting along with. Kyoko wonders if and how Ren was in character during the fight, though the thought that he was “someone else” instead of Cain or BJ (the character in the movie) terrifies her. It terrifies Ren, too, and he starts getting a little… close to Kyoko. In a way she isn’t comfortable with. And that’s pretty hilarious. Kyoko winds up having to call someone to get advice about Ren. We get to see Yashiro in the buff, for some reason. Well, the reason is that this series is awesome, and just throws in things like that sometimes. And that’s good enough for me.

Actually, this volume is a little less funny than other volumes in the series, but it’s still pretty enjoyable. I do complain that the story and relationship isn’t advancing fast enough in this series, but when it does, here I am complaining it’s just not funny. We get healthy doses of Ren’s past (which has been doled out sparingly thus far) and a closeness between Ren and Kyoko, which is also something that hasn’t really been happening much. I do like that, but the latter still isn’t quite what one has in mind for the typical shoujo couple. Still, it’s Skip Beat, and this series does its own thing.

The rundown this time is pretty thorough, and I don’t have too much else to add that I haven’t already said about this series. It’s awesome, and one of the best and freshest shoujo series I’m reading right now. Even 30 volumes in, I’m still dying to read every volume as soon as it arrives at my house. I’m never disappointed. And, happily, it’s being reprinted in the new 3-in-1 edition from the beginning. You’ll need three volumes at a stretch when you start this series, too. It’s good stuff.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

2 Responses to “Skip Beat 30”

  1. ells Says:

    I love reading your Skip Beat reviews. They are fun and interesting, please make more.
    You only ever do reviews for whole books though, do you not read the individual chapters when they come out? If so, you’re TOTALLY missing out!
    Three more volumes have been released and you can read them on mangafox. S2scans translations are available for recent chapters and they are of very high quality, and what’s even better is that on mangafox in the forums she’s always there to ask about any of the wording, or anything you didn’t understand, even from previous chapters she didn’t translate.
    Another great thing about mangafox would probably be the awesome discussions that take place at all times.
    Ok, some can be quite stupid, but there are always great counter arguments.
    Mainly I am saying this because I think you’d LOVE the latest volumes. There has been some pretty crazy stuff and the most recent chapters were absolute killers, so much progress!
    I wwould greatly recommend getting an account on mangafox- if you do get one please tell me your username :)

  2. MangaAddict Says:

    I have bought & read them all up til #30 so far (had to borrow 31 til I can buy it).
    I am a grown up & I love it! So does my daughter, who’s now 21! (I got her into it).
    The only thing I am sad about is how slow the progress with the main character is.
    And there are mistakes here & there with the English versions sold. (But not too many at least.) :D

    BTW I would almost die of happiness if that company would release English versions of “Tokyo Crazy Paradise”. It’s written by the same author & sooo funny!!!
    I want to buy them! :(

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