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February 9, 2013

Mayu Kurumazaki / Nitro+CHiRAL – SuBLime – 2012 – 2 volumes

Honestly? This was kind of an arbitrary purchase. I bought an eBook reader, and wanted some new stuff to read on it. This title seemed hilariously divisive based on the reader comments on SuBLime, but it was really that cover that did it for me. It has a very, very nice cover.

Admittedly, it also has very nice interior art. I would buy from this artist again, as long as the content wasn’t terrifying. I am glad that SuBLime seems to pick up multiple books from the same artist, because they do have some good ones over there and I tend to like that sort of thing.

This one though… hm. It’s an adaptation of a BL visual novel, and I wasn’t clear on what came first, but I gave it a whirl anyway. Adaptations usually aren’t great. This suffers a bit from being confusing… although I can’t tell if it’s because the story is being abridged or because the story is just confusing in general. I suspect it’s the latter.

The main character is Yoji, who is just getting back to school after an extended absence. He has… strange feelings now. Especially about his fellow classmate, Tetsuo. Both Yoji and Tetsuo seem normal enough, but interspersed in this weird narrative is outside commentary about Yoji being a… sort of “female,” and “ready.” A third boy begins harassing Yoji later in the story, as apparently he is a “male” of whatever is going on. There’s a really awkward scene where Yoji masturbates and ejaculates some sort of bloody meat. I’m not entirely sure if this is meant to be titillating or not.

It… definitely wasn’t my flavor. But it was weird enough, and with good enough art, that I’ll probably get the second volume in order to figure out what’s going on and finish the story. I don’t know if it’ll help, but the weirdness is also somehow addictive. I can definitely see how there would be a lot of people put off by this, though.

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