Ai no Kusabi 2

February 28, 2013

Rieko Yoshihara – June – 2008 – 6 volumes

I have a bunch of these reviews written up, but I never posted them. I’m going to do so now, but keep in mind that a few of them are super-sparse. There’s… just not a whole lot to say about what’s going on, honestly. It’s kinda the same, but more so in each volume. And I’m not quite sure what compelled me to keep reading…

We get more of the rape and abuse of Riki at the beginning here, and a look at just how “privileged” his life with Iason was.  I mean… he wasn’t thrown out like the other pets, but I wouldn’t say he was living the good life, either.

Then the story catches up to where we picked up at the beginning.  Kirie is beginning to make a name for himself on the black market and dealing with Iason himself.  It’s clear that Kirie isn’t quite the same sort of pent-up tough guy that Riki is, and that Iason will likely not “go for” Kirie’s brand of egotism.  But we also find out that Iason isn’t done with Riki yet.  There are the barest hints that Iason may really love Riki, in his way, and that Riki’s release into his old life is short-lived.  But… Iason isn’t even remotely affectionate.  He just… he tortures Riki.  Maybe it’s all he knows.

In fact, this series seems to be all about demeaning the characters.  We learn more about the Eos “furniture,” the people that are imprisoned in the Blondy apartments in order to take care of the Pet sex dolls and otherwise remain as unobtrusive as possible.  Much is made of Kirie’s step up in life. And a reminder of just how low the Ceres slums rank in the social heierarchy.  We’ll hear about that over and over and over again.  Boy do they rank low.

And, mysteriously, there is talk of a gang going against Riki and the Bison gang, and while we know the before and after of what happened with them, we are never told what actually happens.  Aggravating.  The timeline also starts skipping around strangely here.  While it does catch back up to the beginning of the story, we are treated to stories of Katze’s past as he tells them to Riki, and we also get a lot of flashbacks to Riki’s time as a pet, even though… we could’ve just learned that stuff while we were reading about him getting thrown out.  But keeping that under wraps for as long as possible is interesting, and it’s not like I was confused about when and what was taking place.

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