Ai no Kusabi 7

February 28, 2013

Rieko Yoshihara – DMP/June – 2012 – 8 volumes
this is a novel

I knew it! I thought that volume 6 left off in a weird place, but there was no trace of a volume 7 in Japanese. It is 6 volumes in Japan, I think, but… I think the Japanese volumes are longer? Volume 6 is 300 pages, whereas volume 7 in English is only about 130 pages. I can’t see it wrapping up with volume 8, but I’m not sure how much longer it’s going to go in English. I am curious, though.

Honestly? I’m not sure why. This series really isn’t my thing. This volume was all about Riki settling back into life as a pet in Eos. It’s basically a humiliation for him, periodically broken up by sexual abuse. He seems willing to let everything go as it is and not rock the boat this time, but the boat is rocked for him when other pets try to start trouble. Said trouble becomes problematic when Riki realizes where the Eos “furniture” (dehumanized slaves, basically) comes from, and blurts it out in front of other furniture. The furniture begins to panic and worry that their lives are going to be taken away from them, and thus Riki rocks the boat once too often, even for the pet of Iason Mink.

Also, Kirie turns back up. I think his role in the story is done though, unless he rocks the boat in Ceres a little more due to his previous actions.

Meanwhile, Bison is still looking for Riki, and their search takes them to other parts of Midas and interacting with other interesting characters. As hard as they’re trying to find Riki and Kirie, the information they’re receiving is still being fed to them by higher-ups. I’m not sure where that’s going. If there really is only one more volume, probably nowhere.

A story of humiliation and debasement isn’t my thing, so I’m not sure why I continue to read this. But… I couldn’t say no when the rest came out. I have to know, which probably makes me a terrible person. It sounds like the series is popular enough to maybe break DMP’s publishing embargo, so we may see it appear at Akadot within the next month or so. I was surprised when all the comments to DMP’s break were about Ai no Kusabi, and not a single one about The Tyrant Falls In Love. THERE’S ONLY ONE VOLUME LEFT.

(note: I wrote this in early 2013.  Though, if I wind up publishing this when I’m adding this note (April ’15), there is still another volume of Tyrant coming out in July, which was unlooked-for and you should totally buy it before it disappears)

(another note: I’m publishing this article in September ’15, and Tyrant got pushed back to December/Jan.  But you should still buy it.)

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