Devil and Her Love Song 6

February 28, 2013

Miyoshi Tomori – Viz – 2012 – 12 volumes

Hmmm… I’m quite fond of this series, actually, but my ardor has cooled somewhat with this volume. I still really want to like it, but it’s doing some of the typical shoujo manga things to extend the story and mess up the character relationships, and I really thought it was better than that.

Anna is still hanging around causing trouble, but this time, she’s hoping to interfere directly with the relationship between Maria and Shin. She tells Shin directly how she feels, but he turns her down. When she knows Maria is ready to do the same, she sets a trap that makes both Maria feel like Shin rejects her, and Shin feel like it’s not a good idea to get close to Maria. And she does it in such a way that it should be impossible to detect her meddling. At the end of the volume, it seems like Maria may have an inkling, but she still thinks that Shin rejected her because he doesn’t want a romantic relationship.

While I disliked Anna’s meddling, that offense pales in comparison to the story we get about Maria’s parents, which is so unbelievably tragic that it could only happen in a shoujo manga. I was disappointed that that particular trope was dusted off, but it made me even more angry in the way it came to bear on the story. Honestly, the leverage it’s supposed to exert makes no sense to me.

And again, I did dislike Anna’s particularly shoujo brand of meddling, but I found it hard to dislike Anna herself. She’s not a completely evil Sae-from-Peach-Girl-style villain, and… well, yeah, she likes Shin, so of course she’s going to throw a wrench in the works.

Again, it’s not that I dislike shoujo manga tropes like this. I might eat this up in another series. It’s that A Devil and Her Love Song was better than this. The characters seemed a bit deeper, and could see through the usual shoujo lies. I know it’s prone to melodrama, but it was a fault that I was willing to forgive. Now that there’s extra melodrama, plus the characters are falling into the usual shallow shoujo traps… hm. I’m not so sure.

I’m going to keep reading, of course. It’s still addictive, in a way that only shoujo manga could be. I’m just doing it less enthusiastically now.

This was a review copy provided by Viz.

One Response to “Devil and Her Love Song 6”

  1. Ahavah Says:

    I just read volumes 5 & 6 of a Devil and Her Love Song, and I don’t think the audience is meant to take Anna’s description of Maria’s problems at face value. Anna has shown she can be ruthless to get what she wants, so how can I take her version of events as gospel truth?
    Maria’s former teachers are a different story, and I’m sure we’ll get some flashbacks from Maria herself. In any case, my reaction to Anna’s revelations in vol 6 was “not buying it”. I think that was partly because I read this review first. Thanks for the review!

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