Dogs 6

February 28, 2013

Shirow Miwa – Viz – 2011 – 7+ volumes

I got volume 7 without realizing I hadn’t ever read volume 6! To be fair… Dogs doesn’t exactly leave an impression anymore. But still, sometimes I want my action fix, and it’s got a nice little story going. A shame I only get to read one volume a year, though.

Here, we see the aftermath of the bombings, which is mostly neither here nor there. The characters are in a couple different locations and getting their bearings, though none of them really know what’s going on, so there’s not much to tell. Giovanni makes his move against the president, but… it goes badly. Which leads into Heine’s backstory nicely, the one thing that does happen in this volume.

Heine’s backstory… while cool, is honestly not much either. Heine fights monsters along with other children who have been modified to regenerate, but Heine is the best among them. His friends are Giovanni and a girl named Lily, and all the children are looking for a way out. The overseer pegs Heine as the most powerful in the bunch, and begins a process to merge him with a modified spine that would give him control over all the… “dogs.” It goes badly when she simultaneously kills off all the others, and Heine breaks away to save them. She also misrepresents what Heine is doing, and makes it look like he’s trying to boss them around, when he’s actually trying to use it to help them all escape. I think.

The art is still nice, and I’m fond of the minimal style, but it goes hand and hand with a somewhat sparse method of storytelling. I do like Dogs, but with only one volume a year, it’s hard to remember to pick it up, let alone recall what was happening a year ago. I could re-read it, of course, but I don’t like it enough to do that every year. Maybe I’ll try when a few more volumes are out. I should also try picking up volume 7 right now, since that would help me put more pieces of the story together, too. A good idea!

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